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Giveaway: Crayola High-Tech Holiday Prize Pack

Some High-Tech Arts and Crafts

Have you been down the Crayola (Crayola on Twitter) (Crayola on Facebook) aisle at the store lately? I always take a stroll down the aisle when I am shopping. To me, arts and crafts start with Crayola: crayons, markers, paints, colored pencils, drawing pads and so much more. I was looking at the Crayola Holiday Gift Guide and drooling over the fun projects that I can do with Eva. The guide is great because you can search for gifts by age range, very helpful to find the appropriate products.

Back to the Crayola aisle int he store. There are so many cool products and many that have a High-Tech aspect to them. Now when you pick up a box of crayons or other crayola products you get to print out some special content. You can also buy a Story Studio to create a personalized story starring your child. There are three story studio versions at this time and there are Crayola Story Studios for Disney Princesses, Disney/Pixar Cars 2 and Spider-Man. We were sent those three Story Studio sets and love them. Eva enjoys being able to become a part of the story.

We also got a Crayola iMarker digital drawing tool from Griffin Technology (Griffin Technology on Facebook). This is a special stylus that works with the Crayola ColorStudio HD app for the iPad. With this device we can choose so many amazing digital tools to color in interactive coloring book pages. You can use the iMarker to select Crayons, Markers, Paints and colored pencils to use on the iPad to color pages that respond to your child’s movements with the stylus. Music and animation that they can color. Continue reading Giveaway: Crayola High-Tech Holiday Prize Pack