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App Review: Wild Kratts: Creature Math

Wild Kratts, Creature MathEva and I received a code for the new app Wild Kratts Creature Math. This app reinforces kids addition and subtraction skills while they play an entertaining game about managing an animal habitat. Kids sign into the game and can pick a paw print to start up the game. Each paw print is a different saved game so multiple kids can have their own games going at the same time. Kids sign in and are brought to a forest with a large pond, there they start placing animals into the environment. Each animal is added to the environment after the child answers a math problem and then they earn the creature power disk by answering another math problem.

Wild Kratts, Creature Math

Animals not only need their own homes but also food. Kids can see if an animal is enjoying their environment by a happy or sad face above the animal. If the animal has a red sad face then there is something that it needs. If the face is green then the animal is doing well. Animals in the game are wolves, moose, squirrels, beavers, frogs and more. Kids manage the happiness of the animals in the habitat and can earn badges such as wolf master and other badges showing that they are doing a good job.

The app is entertaining and open ended with math problems easy to work out. My daughter is five and she is doing well with both the addition and subtraction. Continue reading App Review: Wild Kratts: Creature Math