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Chibi Robo amiibo
Photo-A-Day #4182

I went back over the things that I had talked about yesterday in my lost footage. Mostly they were books, toys and games that I had either been sent or had purchased. I had gone to Target this past week and I picked up the Nintendo 3DS game Chibi Robo which came with the Chibi Robo amiibo character. This originally went for $39.99 but I got it for $11 which is a good price for an amiibo character and game. This will work with my new Nintendo 3Ds XL that I won last month. It looks like a cute little side scrolling game, too.

I also show the two Hot Wheels 5-Packs that I picked up. There was a Captain america Civil War 5-Park and a Batman V. Superman 5-Pack. While I like the Marvel one better the DC one wasn’t half bad and had a decent looking Superman car in it, too. That is a good thing since almost all the other Superman ones are terrible.

I also show some of the new Elena of Avalor books that Disney Publishing sent me. they send me books all the time to read and review. These are nice ones that will be on shelves October 18. One book is already in stores, the Felize Navidad one.Elena of Avalor Books

“Elena of Avalor” – Music Video for the Song “My Time”


We are looking forward to the release of Elena of Avalor that is coming next month. While we are fans of Sofia the first, it is time for Eva to move to an older Princess character. I’m thrilled that Elena will be voiced by Aimee Carrero. She was so nice when I met her a few years ago and I like her in “Young and Hungry”.

Princess Elena of Avalor will make her royal debut in the highly anticipated animated series “Elena of Avalor,” with a one-hour premiere event FRIDAY, JULY 22 (7:00-8:00 p.m., EDT), on Disney Channel. The theme song is performed by Gaby Moreno, Latin Grammy Award winner for Best New Artist, and Elena’s anthem “My Time” is performed by Aimee Carrero.

Set in the enchanted fairytale land of Avalor, the series tells the story of Elena, a brave and adventurous teenager who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as crown princess until she is old enough to be queen. Elena’s journey will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion, the traits of all truly great leaders.

The stories incorporate influences from diverse Latin and Hispanic cultures through architecture, traditions, food and customs. Magic, mythology, folklore and music also play an important role, with each episode featuring original songs spanning an array of Latin musical styles including Mariachi, Latin Pop, Salsa, Banda and Chilean Hip Hop.