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Plague of Insecticons

Photo-A-Day #3045

More of my little desk decorations. These are from the Robot Heroes line that was, sadly, discontinued by Hasbro. I think that they were all coming out really nice before the line was ended. I collected all of the Generation 1 figures that I could find. I didn’t bother with the movie ones because even though they may look cool with all the gears and metal and moving parts I’d rather have the simpler looking robots from G! that you could easily tell apart.

Robot Rebellion

Photo-A-Day #2625

When I was at Blog World Expo last week I met up with Joel from GTO Management. He gave me the green robot. It was from one of their clients that I need to be an affiliate for, Office Playground. I have so many crazy toys on my desk that I could promote fun little toys for the office. So I signed up for the affiliate program.

The photo is a little cool because it has a representation of the many robots that I have on my desk. Most of them are Transformers and in the background is one that I had made on a 3D printer. I may need to check out all the Robots that Office Playground has in stock, too. Looks like some fun ones.