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Trepidation Awaits

Photo-A-Day #4164

Andrew’s day was all about starting off full of nervousness and trepidation. We had Open House at his Kindergarten class this morning and he wasn’t feeling that great about it. The feelings started last night. He told Allison and I that his stomach hurt. There was no upset stomach, just nervous about something new. And… as I expected, we were the last ones to leave the Open House. He didn’t want to go. He’s so excited to go back tomorrow.

Later tonight I took Andrew to his first real karate class. He was crying and pushing into me. He wouldn’t talk to the kids that he knew and he was just so upset. I talked calmly with him and we tried again. Then the Sensei came over and took Andrew under his wing. Andrew got right on to the mat and tried really hard during his lesson. When it was over he couldn’t wait to go back. This is what today was like.

In today’s vlog I talk about all that but also do some unboxing of some Star Wars Funko Pop figures and a set of Star Wars Hot Wheels that I found. These were some great toys that I was excited to find and unbox. The Pops were from Barnes & Noble and a bunch of gift cards that I had. They have a large selection of all sorts of pop culture items. In addition to Star Wars they also have a whole Harry Potter section of Pops and much more.