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Unboxing Smuggler’s Bounty: Rogue One Box

Jyn Erso Collection
Photo-A-Day #4239

When I came home today I went right to the office and opened my Smuggler’s Bounty: Rogue One box. This was one of my favorite boxes from Smuggler’s Bounty. Inside there were two Pop figures, a T-Shirt, a Pin, a Patch and a Mini Hikari statue. The shirt is awesome. It has the cast on it with the Death Star looming in the background. Darth Vader is also there. One of the Pops is an exclusive Jyn Erso one with goggles on top of her head. The other exclusive Pop is a Death Trooper holding a rifle. The box rounds out with a Darth Vader Mini Hikari figure which came in multiple colors. I got a black one. The patch was of Captain Cassian Andor and the pin was of K-2S0. You can see the whole unboxing in the video below.

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Unboxing Funko Pops and Hot Wheels Cars

Funko and Hot Wheels Unboxing
Photo-A-Day #4235

I found some great new Hot Wheels cars today and wanted to also unbox a couple of Funko Pops that I found. Target has an exclusive Doctor Strange in Astral form figure. There is also a Walmart exclusive Doctor Strange figure. I have yet to find that one. Speaking of Funko Pops, I had bought a Captain Cassian Andor figure a while ago and learned that there is also an exclusive Hot Topic and Target version of this character. I of course cannot pronounce Captain Andor’s name and probably won’t until I see Rogue One. I certainly can’t wait to see Rogue One, either.

I also found The Punisher Hot Wheels Character car. There are a still a few more of the new releases to find but I’m getting closer. Doctor Strange is one of the ones that I’m missing. The car is a wicked hot rod. It has dual rows of 5 exhaust pipes that look like the barrel of a machine gun. When you look at the car from the top down you see the signature skull of The Punisher.

I also saw a Batman TV Series car at Target. I picked up that up because I liked the retro look of it. When I took it out of the box I noticed that there were flat matte flames on the car. They look great but I don’t think that they were on the original car.