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Manta is coming

On May 22, 2009 an incredibly amazing new roller coaster will be opening at SeaWorld. This new coaster is called Manta and it creates for the rider the experience of soaring beneath the outstretched wings of a giant Manta Ray. Riders will be head first and face down beneath a giant ray on roller coaster rails which attains speeds of 56 miles per hour. From all that I have seen about this coaster it is simply amazing and something I cannot wait to experience when I head to IZEAFest 2009.

Of course, if I chicken out there are plenty of things that I can do in the Manta experience itself without riding the ride. For one thing there are 10 aquariums within the experience. These aquariums offer kids a 360 degree views of the 3,000 animals that will call the place home. This includes a “fever” of 300 rays. With a set up like this the ride, while amazing, is but part of the whole package. As much as I’d like to see everything in the aquarium I’d love it even more to be able to win a “Front-of-the-line” pass to Manta.

You could win yourself a “front-of-the-line” pass as well at ridetheflyingray.com. This site has six activities that you can participate in so that you can get your own pass. The activities range from a Manta related quiz to creating a Manta mask and even being a twitter follower of @RealShamu. If you do all six of the activities you will win the pass and if you do two of the activities you will win a one complimentary electronic photograph from your Manta ride experience at SeaWorld Orlando. What are you waiting for? Head over and get your pass today.


Win a Trip for 4 to SeaWorld


Allison, Eva and I , along with Auntie Mo will be hitting up SeaWorld in October for IZEAFest 2009. However I have the scoop on a contest where you could win a trip for 4 to SeaWorld and also get priority access to the newest roller coaster Manta.

Ted Murphy over at Ted.Me has all the details on how you can enter the contest and that lucky guy got to go behind the scenes, along with a bunch of other bloggers, and saw the production of this roller coaster. Take a look at what he filmed.

So if you would like to be entered to win this contest you have to do so by tomorrow March 10 11:50EST. Quick goo to http://www.ted.me/manta/ for more information.

And if you win you can write a story for the Dolphin Bubbles blog. Take lots of pictures.Support My Sponsor

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