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Benspark.com Annual Christmas Letter

Photo-A-Day #1722

Each year I help my father write the family Christmas Letter. In it he tries to summarize the year in review. Since today is Christmas and I am going to be spending it all day with the family and instead of writing a post I wrote a recap ahead of time and because I take photos I figured I’d recap the year with some of my favorite photos with links to the posts from those days. Just click the picture to read the post.

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Swag that I received from IZEAFest 2009

My box of IZEAFest swag.. I...

At every conference I have ever attended I’ve been loaded down with Swag. I have to pack separate bags just to take it home and sometimes I even have to ship it home. It takes me a while to go through all of it and make follow ups with all the great people that gave me things so I apologize for this post being rather late. However, the swag I’m talking about is not what you think.

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