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Giveaway: Ruckus Reader 6 Month Subscription

I am pleased to announce that I can give away a 6 month subscription to the Ruckus Reader as well as two 1 month subscriptions. We love the Ruckus Reader in our house especially now that Eva is so excited about learning to read. The Reader is a wonderful use of the iPad’s learning capabilities.

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Review: The Ruckus Reader

Ruckus Reader Library

The Ruckus Reader is a breakthrough learning program,a unique series of digital
storybooks designed to help your child practice important reading skills AND keep you up to date on your child’s progress. All of the stories and interactive activities are developed by educational experts to adhere to national educational standards.

Eva and I were given a full subscription to the Ruckus Reader that included the full library of books. Overall we love it. Eva asks if she can play with my iPad and chooses the Ruckus Reader much of the time. I like this because she is starting to really become more interested in reading and if a reader program like this is her first choice than all the better. The Ruckus Reader gathers some fantastic brands together to help your child learn to read. They have My Little Pony, Sea World, Crayola, Transformers Prime and also classic stories like John Henry, Pecos Bill and more. There are multiple levels of stories from children beginning to read to older readers who need reinforcement and help. Continue reading Review: The Ruckus Reader