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#Unboxing Modarri S2 Muscle Car

Modarri S2 Muscle Car
Photo-A-Day #4175

The other day I received my Kickstarter rewards from the latest Modarri campaign. While I really would have loved to be able to pick up The Ultimate Modarri Pack. That was really sweet with a car carrier big rig, too.

Today’s video is a quick one where I unbox the car and create a few different versions of the car by swapping different parts around. The set I got, the Delux S2 Muscle Car set not only includes a full car, but also an extra hood and fender. You can see the whole video below.

You can find Modarri cars through their site at https://modarri.com/ and when you have all the cars you can make over 1 Billion possible car designs.