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Super Mario Maker 3DS and Guardians Vol. 2 LEGO Sets

Guardians LEGO
Photo-A-Day #4333

It was a day of play around here. the kids and I got together and built a bunch of Modibots and played with those. We were going to try and do some stop motion but it is hard to do that with a kid who never stops and who is always in motion. I also couldn’t find a really good program to help with the stop motion. I tried the Stikbot studio but it still is not the best option.

This morning I popped into Target and there I saw two Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 LEGO sets. I had to pick them up. I didn’t grab all of them when the first movie came out and I am kicking myself now. I noticed that they are certainly going to capitalize on the Baby Groot character because he is in both of the sets. I am looking forward to opening these sets and building. Maybe we will do it on Built from Brick and maybe I will do my own build. I do not know.

Today I also backed a great Kickstarter from the people who brought us Modarri. The new one is called Enduro an the vehicles look amazing. You can back the kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thoughtfulltoys/enduro-toy-cars-built-for-tough-drivers

Also, the fine folks from 360 PR sent me a copy of Super Mario Maker 3DS totally out of the blue. what a great surprise! the kids are loving making courses of their own.

#Unboxing Modarri S2 Muscle Car

Modarri S2 Muscle Car
Photo-A-Day #4175

The other day I received my Kickstarter rewards from the latest Modarri campaign. While I really would have loved to be able to pick up The Ultimate Modarri Pack. That was really sweet with a car carrier big rig, too.

Today’s video is a quick one where I unbox the car and create a few different versions of the car by swapping different parts around. The set I got, the Delux S2 Muscle Car set not only includes a full car, but also an extra hood and fender. You can see the whole video below.

You can find Modarri cars through their site at https://modarri.com/ and when you have all the cars you can make over 1 Billion possible car designs.