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#TeamStark and #Snowpacalypse – Daily Vlog

TeamStark and Snowpacalpse - Daily Vlog
Photo-A-Day #3940

Today was the first real snow of 2016. It is far less than last year but I still did some snowblowing and shoveling. I expect to go and do a bunch more tomorrow when I am done with work. It was a great day to sleep, though. I was able to get a pretty long sleep in and was able to clean up the driveways of our house and our neighbor’s house.

I picked up a new toy the other day. I found the Iron Man Monster Truck. And then I had a little fun with it and more of my Marvel Hot Wheels. I’m going to look for the Captain America one as well so that I can play with them as well. Still working on the #BloggerCivilWar with my friend Andrew over at Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. Our friendly little banter battle is because we love the Marvel movies and are so excited about Captain America: Civil War.

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LEGO Screaming Demon

Photo-A-Day #2454

Eva and I put together a bunch of her LEGO sets today. One of them was this Monster Truck. She actually got two of them and when they crash into each other the rider goes flying out of the car. We had fun smashing them around over and over. Or rather we crashed them once and Eva put them into the hospital. Such a literal child.