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Smaller than Small: Squinkies Zinkies Review

Squinkies Zinkies

I received three Squinkies Zinkies packages to play with and review. Zinkies are the newest in the very prolific Squinkies line of toys. I became a fan of Squinkies when they started producing a Marvel line of figures. I then bought some of the hot wheels figures and for Eva I bought her the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast Squinkies. She even has a set of Toy Story Squinkies as well. I love to display mine on my desk at work and across the top of my monitor. Eva likes to play with hers and act out parts of the movies.

With Squnkies Zinkies the small sized toys got even smaller and now come with little playsets to place the toys within and also included in the playsets are tweezers and a magnifying glass. Even with the small size there is still a decent amount of detail on the figures and they are cute to display. I gave Eva the choice of one of the sets to open. She chose the Tweetings Birdhouse. This one comes with cute little puppies, an alligator, a monkey, kitties and birds. There are 12 figures and they are all pretty cute and fun. Eva enjoys them. You can learn more about them below Continue reading Smaller than Small: Squinkies Zinkies Review