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Hey Look, A Gecko!

Photo-A-Day #2572

We had a quiet day around the house today. After yesterday’s super busy and fun day at the Florida Fun Fest we needed a downtime day so we hung around the house for the day and enjoyed just being at Mimi and Dano’s. I know that we did something, at some point, this day, but can’t quite remember.

The big memorable thing today was that Andrew got a first tooth poking through. This started a number of sleepless nights ahead.

I do know that at night Allison and I went and saw The Hunger Games. The movie was really good and I’m glad I finally finished all of the books before I saw the movie.

Pre-Vacation Malaise

Photo-A-Day #2564

Another weekend day, another day to sleep. Eva’s not been feeling well. Andrew’s been real clingy to Allison and I haven’t been sleeping that well. We’ve got a vacation coming up and I’m not sure if it is nerves, the impending downtime after going full tilt for so long or what. Anyway, I’m starting to feel the effects of impending downtime and hope that we can just rest up, feel better and have a good vacation. Continue reading Pre-Vacation Malaise