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Take Me To Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

An Incredible start to Disney social Media Moms Celebration
Photo-A-Day #4696

Today was the day that we’ve been waiting for ever since getting the invite for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. We’ve been preparing, planning and filling our hearts with excitement for so long and today was the day when the time finally came for us to go.

The time came at stupid o’clock in the morning. Our flight was at 6am out of Providence which normally means a 4am to 4:30am wake up when it is just me travelling. However, with the family the ticket situation was a bit convoluted. Originally, Allison and I were going to Dad 2.0 at the beginning of February. However, when the invite came the plans changed so that we could have this family adventure. This meant that the tickets needed to be changed. Rather than change the tickets and add the kids to the reservation as well we had to do two separate but connected reservations. This put Allison and I on one and the kids on another. This also meant that we could not check in from home because the kids ticket came up as unaccompanied minors. Well, I called yesterday and straightened things out but we still had to go to the counter. It wasn’t that bad overall. I just knew that once we got on our second plane and were actually on the way to Orlando I could breathe easy.

The flights were actually very nice. Eva and I watched Moana on the first one and Andrew and I watched The Incredibles on the second flight. Moana really hit me. I got pretty emotional watching it. The Incredibles was fun and I bought everyone some Incredibles Magic Bandits and everyone had one of the characters. That was until we lost two of them almost immediately upon arrival. Oh well, good intentions.

We got to the Orlando airport and got our one checked bag that wasn’t tagged to go all the way to the hotel. We caught the Magical Express and were seated next to my friend, Mitch from Gay NYC Dad. Mitch and I have been friends for a long time. It was good to see him and finally meet his husband and son. Continue reading Take Me To Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Couldn’t Wait any Longer

Photo-A-Day #3059

We continue to work on our Disney Infinity collection. Today Eva and I went to Toys R Us to return the Wii U Starter Pack that we bought on Wednesday. We also had a second Davy Jones that needed to be exchanged. But before we did that we made two stops.

Stop number one was to the Disney Store. I wanted to see if they had Disney Infinity figures there because I had a Disney Store gift card. They did not have the figures in the store but you can order them in the store and they will ship it to your home for free. So, I ordered Mater and Francesco from the Disney Store.

The second stop was Target because they had the Lone Ranger playset on sale for 50% off. They were out of sets and there were no other figures to find so we went on over to Toys R Us. Continue reading Couldn’t Wait any Longer