Ticket to Ride

Photo-A-Day #2297

I drove the Camaro to work last night. I also listened to Radio Margaritaville on the XM satellite radio. I also wore the shirt in the picture to work. Apparently a blast of color provokes many the comment from everyone at work. In fact, as I walked in I was asked where the Jimmy Buffet Concert was. It was in my car actually.

Driving the Camaro Convertible has been a lot of fun. I gave the keys over to my Dad this morning. He took the car down the Cape for the rest of the weekend. No sense in the car sitting in a parking lot for the weekend while I was at work. Dad drove it down and then took it cruising all around Falmouth till later at night. I talked to him tonight and he and my mom had a great time driving all over the place.

I took the video and photos from yesterday and made them into a video of our adventure to Evelyn’s Drive In.

Disclosure: I am testing out a Chevy Camaro Convertible for the week. I have some contacts at Chevy and I asked them for the car. I’ll be blogging about it and my adventures as well as those of my Dad, Allison and my friend Rob Merlino (We’re doing a Hot Dog Adventure on Wednesday). The opinions that we will share about the car are 100% ours.
You can learn more about the Chevy Camaro.

5 thoughts on “Ticket to Ride”

    1. Deborah,

      I think they are having a great time with it. they drove it to well past 10pm last night. It rained today but I don’t think all day.

  1. Drew, thanks for letting me take the “bumblebee” for the weekend it was fantastic. It’s the perfect car for “cruising” Cape Cod. I really enjoyed driving it. It brought back some good memories of some of the ” Muscle Cars” I had in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It sure turned a lot of heads. Chevy has done a great job with designing that Camaro. In some ways I think it is almost better than the Corvette we rented in California. Thanks again and thanks to General Motors for the chance to enjoy that car.

  2. Great video!! Such a fun experience!! Eva is too cute and has mad interviewing skills! Mama Allison looks so wonderful:) I miss you all but I’m so grateful for BenSpark.com because I feel like I’m with you on your adventures! Keep having fun!!!

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