Time for a Big Boy Bed

Photo-A-Day #3261

It has been in the works for about a week or so now. This morning Andrew came padding into our room and announced, “I cimed out of ma cib!” That was about 6am. It was the first morning that he hasn’t woken us by screaming for us to come and get him out of his crib. Yes, every morning we are awakened by a screaming child, or we are awoken by one standing inches from our faces and asking if we can get up and take her downstairs. Joy!

By noon I had the crib converted into a toddler bed and we were rearranging Andrew’s room. We moved around the furniture and remade Andrew’s bed. Then we tried to get him to nap. Allison finally got him down and he slept for about two hours.

When we went to wake him we found him sleeping like this. It was certainly peaceful.

2 thoughts on “Time for a Big Boy Bed”

  1. Adorable photo! I’m dreading moving my girl out of her cot. She’s 20 months at the moment so its still a little early. But at least at the moment I know she won’t be wandering around the house at night. I wonder how long we can put off the inevitable because I know once we remove those bars she’s going to be in our room at 6am every morning. Goodbye lie-ins!

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