Waiting for Eva

Waiting for Eva
Photo-A-Day #1387

Duncan hanging out at the house waiting for Allison and Eva to come home.

Today was one of those days that I relaxed. I never sleep in, I’m an up at 5:30 each morning kind of guy but today I slept in and then hung out and read my comic books while Duncan and Oliver hung out on the bed with me. We lock them out at night because Duncan likes to climb on the headboard, except we have a wrought iron frame and the top bar is less than an inch in diameter. This does not stop Duncan from climbing up there and then climbing onto the window. He then ends up behind the curtain and can’t get down. I have this fear that one night he’s going to land on my head, hence the banishment.

So when the cats get a chance to enter the bedroom they like to hang out with us.

This afternoon I ended up stopping over to Circuit City to see if things had dropped any further, however they have not dropped the prices much more. A quick stop over at Office Depot did reveal a nice drop from 10% – 30% to 25% – 50%.

The liquidation of Office Depot has most of the Post-It products at 50% so I picked up a set of highlighters with little flags built in. These are helpful because I’m starting a new regimen each morning to get up to speed on many books I want to read, work related books with areas I am going to want to make sure I remember as well as those passages I want to share.

7 thoughts on “Waiting for Eva”

  1. We made it to Circuit City today. Not impressed with the discounts but already the store was picked over. I was hoping to get a tablet pad for my PC and they were already sold out. Is Office Depot going out of business as well? I hadn’t heard.

    Celinas last blog post..Day 175

  2. Celina,
    The discounts at Circuit city are virtually non existent. I did pick up a little device to strap a camera to my bike. It is made by Flip but it is set up so odd that I can’t even figure out how to use it. I don’t know if every Office Depot is liquidating but the one near us is. When you say tablet do you mean a drawing tablet? They had a Wacom Bamboo for $53.00 at our Office Depot? I wasn’t sure if that was a good price or not. Just looked, it retails for $99 so that was a decent price. I may go back for a look see, it was the floor model, not sure if I want that though. Maybe.

  3. You got me all excited about the Office Depot liquidation but I think it’s only the stores that are going out of business. I need to buy some things and just looked at their sale booklet. They’re not closing any stores near here. I’m going to check on their website though to see if there’s any sales. We saw the Office Depot signs for the sales and heard it was a waste of time. I’ll keep an eye out on the news to see if/when it’s worth it to shop there too.

    Connies last blog post..Ironically No Appetite

  4. I was extremely disappointed by the Circuit City sales! 10% off the electronics- I can walk into almost every other store and buy a cheaper TV without the liquidation price.

    I used to have a cat, but turned out to be more of a dog person. While Lila (the cat) wouldn’t climb on anything, she frequently jumped on my head in the middle of the night so I would wake up and play. She has a new home with lots of nocturnal cat friends now, and my dogs take up residence on most of my bed instead. The things we go through for our pets! Glad you found a solution, though. If I kick out my dogs, they’ll scratch the door and howl until I let them in. 😀 Gotta love em!

  5. Dina,

    You know how these liquidation things work they jack up the price and then lower it to where the prices were before any sales. They get in all the people who cannot do math and by the time there are real sales there is no good merchandise left.

    I thought I was more dog person but these cats have grown on me. Someday we’ll get a dog but not till we have our own house.

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