When Her Mind is Made Up

Photo-A-Day #3371

I was working on the computer this morning and Eva came downstairs carrying four separate bags with 4 Build-A-Bear animals, one in each bag. She was going to visit her cousin for the day where they would be having a Build-A-Bear fashion show. She was trying to carry all the bags at the same time and it was so comical to me that I had to take a photo of it. When her mind is made up about something it is made up. I both love and cringe at that independent streak in her. I love it because she is strong and has her own ideas. I cringe because that will be very hard in the years to come because she is also very sensitive. Even with all the anti-bullying rally cries that are going on right now it may be tough for this creative, independent, sensitive soul and I worry.

We watched this video together. I think that all Dads with little girls should. I think all moms and little brothers and big brothers should as well.

After we watched it we talked about what it means to be a girl and to do things Like a Girl. I’m a little more confident in this strong sensitive little soul we have on our hands. I certainly couldn’t be any prouder although my pride in her doubles daily.