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Taking a Dragon to the Teddy Bear Picnic

Photo-A-Day #3723

Today was the Teddy Bear Picnic that is put on each year by Project Connect. This was actually the first one that I attended. I’ve been taking Andrew to playgroup through Project Connect for the past year or more. I can’t even begin to remember when I took over the duties of taking him full time. It has been a while and it is something that Andrew has benefitted greatly from. I have also benefitted because I get to get out of the house a couple hours a week and talk with other parents. We started in a play group for kids from 1 -3 and this last session we were in the 3-4 year old session for getting ready for school. More structure and more fun, plus it is a longer time. Andrew has really thrived by being with the other kids and playing with them. So, at the Teddy Bear picnic I was surprised by how many parents I knew. Continue reading Taking a Dragon to the Teddy Bear Picnic

Way to Go Andrew

Photo-A-Day #3692

Andrew has been doing a fantastic job working on his potty training. He has done so well that he has earned a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop. He has wanted a Toothless plush. I’m not sure why Toothless was the thing that he wanted but he was all over it and was motivated to do well in order to earn it. He was very cute while he created his new stuffed animal. Once it was stuffed he spent a good long time “cleaning” it in the back and then it was time to choose an accessory. Continue reading Way to Go Andrew