Taking a Dragon to the Teddy Bear Picnic

Photo-A-Day #3723

Today was the Teddy Bear Picnic that is put on each year by Project Connect. This was actually the first one that I attended. I’ve been taking Andrew to playgroup through Project Connect for the past year or more. I can’t even begin to remember when I took over the duties of taking him full time. It has been a while and it is something that Andrew has benefitted greatly from. I have also benefitted because I get to get out of the house a couple hours a week and talk with other parents. We started in a play group for kids from 1 -3 and this last session we were in the 3-4 year old session for getting ready for school. More structure and more fun, plus it is a longer time. Andrew has really thrived by being with the other kids and playing with them. So, at the Teddy Bear picnic I was surprised by how many parents I knew.

Andrew and Toothless

Andrew took his Toothless from Build-A-Bear that he got because he had done very well potty training. It is called a Teddy Bear Picnic but they really don’t do anything with the stuffed animals. The kids got to play with bubbles, touch a Firetruck, go on a school bus and even do some songs with a song lady. That’s what they called her, the song lady. She played instruments and did kids songs and also played songs along to books and some characters that she put up on a felt board. Andrew was actually able to tear himself away from the bubbles for more than 5 seconds to spend some time with The Song Lady.

The Hula Hoopah

There were also some Hula Hoops around and Andrew was a little Hula Hoopah. He did real well with them.

After the picnic we went to the zoo where we had lunch and then walked around to see the animals. We played a little bit on the playground before we left and then came home. Andrew was tired so we started a movie and once I left the room he nodded off to sleep.