You Will Be Fortunate in Everything

You Will Be Fortunate in Everything

You Will Be Fortunate in Everything

Well, that just about covers it. I guess I have nothing more to say on the subject.

Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind

Louis Pastuer once stated “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.” This quote has been re quoted and misquoted with regards to many things. However, I think that the original quote makes a lot of sense for those in the blogging arena.

As bloggers we observe what is happening around us and report on it, we photograph, tweet, video and facebook it. We record our observations and share them with the world. If we are educated on the latest trends then we can be prepared when chance happens upon us.

How to Have a Prepared Mind

To prepare your mind for fortune (chance) in blogging you need to do your research. Are you learning from respected individuals or are you listening to those who just have loud voices? There are so many “experts” in the fields of “Social Networking”, “SEO” and “Make money with …” . If you come across those people who say they are “experts” in those fields, run don’t walk to the nearest exit. By following those people you are riding the tail end of any trend. Sure, a few of them make it and do well but for the most part they simply rehash thoughts and ideas from other bloggers.

To find people who really are respected as authorities on blogging take a look at blogging conventions like Blog World Expo, Affiliate Summit and IZEAFest. Specifically take a look at the Keynote speakers. Generally if someone is keynoting at a conference they have something that people want to hear and should hear. So learn who those people are and find their blogs, then read their blogs to learn the dos and don’ts of blogging.

However, Don’t Be a Sheep

Sheep never challenge the shepard, they may wander away from the flock and get lost or eaten by wolves but they never challenge the shepard. Don’t be a sheep. If you are reading posts by bloggers weigh in and give your opinion, leave a comment even if you disagree.

Be Polite

Being a sheep and being polite are two separate things. You can be polite and still disagree with someone. Polite discourse and intelligent disagreement can generate excellent discussion and earn you respect not only from the blogger you are following but also from their followers. Being a sheep means agreeing with everything the blogger does and commenting to that effect. You may get noticed with an agreeable comment, however you most likely will become lost in the flock. Don’t be a sheep, have your own opinion and use it.

Back to Point

A fortunate blogger is one who learns and observes, picks his moment to act and makes it look like he knew exactly what to do all along. A fortunate blogger doesn’t waste words, she learns all she can before speaking and when she speaks she speaks with authority. A fortunate blogger understands that when his mouth is closed, his ears are open. Listen, observe, keep the good, toss the bad and you will certainly be a blogger who is Fortunate in Everything.

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