BenSpark Grants A Wish

This post has been sponsored by the gift card division of Sears through my IZEA Insiders relationship with IZEA. While they supplied the $100 gift card I supplied my time and personal opinions and choices while participating in the ‘Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant a Wish‘ campaign.

We're ready to Grant Wishes

On Thursday I received I received a $100 Sears gift card and the instructions to go to Sears and use that gift card. You might be thinking, “Wow Drew certainly could get some great stuff for himself with $100 gift card from Sears” and you would be right. However, the purpose of my trip to Sears was not to buy something for myself or even to buy gifts for my family. Although, Eva did end up with her own My First Craftsman Rough and Tough Toolbox, but more about that later. My mission was to grant wishes.

We're ready to Grant Wishes

So, on Saturday Allison, Eva and I went to Sears not to buy gifts for people but to grant wishes. Sears has a great promotion happening right now titled ‘Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant a Wish’ and there are many famous celebrities who are part of the promotion. Each one tells their own Wishtory. The one I liked very much was by Ty Pennington.

The spirit of this promotion is that gifts aren’t just gifts they can make a huge impact on people’s lives. I remember that when I was a kid the best part of Christmas anticipation was flipping through the Sears Catalog, the Wishbook. I would read the toys and electronics sections over and over but my main focus was on the Transformers. This was the book I would go through to tell my parents and grandparents which Transformers toys I wanted for Christmas. And, each Christmas for years I was lucky enough to get a ton of those toys. I was a very lucky kid.

My Wishes

Those toys sparked my imagination and my love for technology. I remember cataloging all of my Transformers in a database on my old Apple computer. I could tell you all of the stats for each character and could transform them all so quickly. I’d set up large battles between the Autobots and Decepticons in my bedroom over and over. Those toys made a huge impact on me even to this day (as you might have seen a photo of one or two… dozen Transformers on this blog)

Granting wishes is fun!

When charged with this task of ‘Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant a Wish’ for someone by using my $100 gift card from Sears I knew exactly what I wanted to do. In my town there is a program called Christmas is for Kids and they collect toys for children in the local area. On Christmas, what kid doesn’t wish for a great toy that will spark their imagination?

I wish to be a singer

Allison, Eva and I marched into Sears, we asked a sales associate for directions to the toys department and went to work. We picked out toys that would encourage imagination and learning. The first thing I found was a My First Kenmore kitchen set. It had pots and pans and kitchen utensils. We picked up two of those because I figure that one of these kids will get that set and maybe it will spark a dream to become an amazing chef.

Kenmore toys

We also picked up the My First Craftsman Rough and Tough Toolbox. Actually Eva picked this up and she wouldn’t let it go. I think that:

a.) she loves things with handles so she can pick them up and walk with them
b.) she sees her Grandfather building things and wants to be a little like him

I want this to be like Grandfather

So, while we did spend the bulk of the $100 Sears gift card on Christmas is for Kids we ended up getting Eva a My First Craftsman Rough and Tough Toolbox with the gift card money as well.

So, you want a toolsbox.

A toy that I was really looking for however was a Transformer and I was happy to see that Sears carried many major toy brands including Transformers. I picked out Snarl and Soundwave from the Transformers Animated line. (See Photo Above) These characters are homages to the Generation 1 characters from my childhood. I hope that they give the child who receives them many hours of imaginative gameplay. I also picked up my other favorite toy LEGO. LEGO is sure to keep a child’s imagination running.

LEGO inspires dreams

I am grateful to Sears for this $100 Sears gift card. A few things were sparked in my mind by doing this. First, I want to be able to do this every year with Eva and Allison, on our own. I am planning to put away $10 a month for the next year to have $120 so we can get a haul of toys for Christmas is for Kids next year as well. It think this is an important lesson of giving that we can pass along to Eva.

I have this it is on my fridge at home.

The second thing was that while we were walking through the store and looking at all the merchandise we saw a couple of wooden boxes with old books in them. These books were being sold to raise money for the Heroes at Home program. This program was set up to help give military families what they need. You can even donate to this program online. I asked a sales associate about the box and if they took donations. He said that the donations came from employees. I asked further, “That is great but can I donate?” He said that I could so I will be pulling together a big big box of our old books to donate to help this program.

Heroes at Home

Sears has always been a store that I could trust. I’ve purchased TVs, computers, printers, clothes, car batteries and many other things from Sears. I was happy to be asked to be part of this promotion especially with a company that gives back like Sears does. And having the Sears gift card is a great gift idea because you can use it to purchase any item of your choice. We had complete freedom to buy whatever we wanted with that $100.

Eva wants to give too

So on Monday I dropped off two large bags of toys to Achin’s Garage in North Attleboro. Achin’s had a toy drive for Christmas is for Kids about a week ago that I went to. I was inspired by their dedication to this program and wanted to further their efforts as well. Being a part of the ‘Don’t Just Give a Gift, Grant a Wish’ program was an excellent opportunity and experience.

Loaded with Toys

I have a bunch more photos in the BenSpark Grants A Wish Flickr Set to share with you.

And now I want to pass that experience on to you.

I Get to Give These Away

I am giving away a $100 Sears Gift card for you to use. You can use it to Grant a Wish for yourself or someone else.

How to Enter

Readers can enter via blog comment, tweet or blog post.

Blog Comment:
Readers can leave a comment on this blog post with the Sears Item numbers they would buy with their card (up to $100). You can go to to research your item #s.

Twitter Tweet:
Each reader can simply tweet out the following message:
“RT @benspark please grant my wish to win a $100 #Sears gift card – tweet to make your own wish”

Blog Post:
A blogger can enter by writing a post about the contest and linking back to this post. Please use this link and say BenSpark Grants a Wish somewhere in the post, possibly the anchor text for the link. Then be sure they leave a comment on this post with the URL to you post.

Each tweet, comment or post counts as one registration. A person can register up to three times by tweeting, leaving a comment and doing a post on their own blog. The winner will be chosen at random by IZEA based on all entries. The contests are separate, each blogger participating in this promotion will have their own package to give away.

The Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) on December 15, 2008 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on December 23, 2008 (the “Contest Period”). Entries will not be acknowledged.

Please see the official rules for more details.

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381 thoughts on “BenSpark Grants A Wish”

  1. Aww I have a special spot for Sears. When I was younger, that was the store we went to when we had a bit of extra money to buy clothes and such, or my stepdad needed tools or something. 🙂

  2. It’s been awhile since I went into a Sears, so I’m not sure what I’d shop for. It would be after the holidays, so I think we’d probably end up shopping for clothes, Ethan and Noah could use some new uniform pants for school, and I know I wouldn’t mind a few new nice shirts to wear for a change instead of my ratty old concert t-shirts with holes in them.

    Lorettas last blog post..The Color of Hope

  3. Sears item# 00897754000 Mfr. model# JFPJ-B – could use it for health- husband is on a diet and we need to rethink how and what we eat

  4. I coulnd’t find the sku# for some so I left the link instead.
    The above URL is for a Long Sleeve South Pole Thermal Mens Shirt/Medium
    $18.99 (For my husband)
    The above URL is for a pair of Levi’s 517 Boot Cut Jean-Rinsed 34×34
    $31.99 (For my husband)
    The above URL is for a NordicTrack Solid Dobby Active Jacket. Size Large in Lead Pencil.
    $39.99 (For my husband)

    Sears item# 05288054000 Mfr. model# 351186D
    Sweet Secrets: Ballerina Compact With Doll
    $8.99 (For my 2 Year old)

    Total comes to $99.96! How fun! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!
    crackerjacks51603 at yahoo dot com

  5. I love that you looked for toys that would spark the imagination! Who knows – maybe Eva will become a great carpenter, or the next Ty Pennington and have job that lets her change people’s lives.

    Twitter Tweet!

    I’ll be back after I visit

    Annas last blog post..Movies at Home

  6. I would definitely buy some Lands End clothing but they only had a limited selection on the site.

  7. I would buy the American Tourister 7 pc Set, Sears item# 01455034000 and give it as a gift when we crown Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts 2009 so she can take it to the Ms Wheelchair America Pageant in South Dakota this summer.

  8. Here’s something our family has been wishing for that I’d love to buy with the gift card:

    Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board
    Sears item# 05892358000 Mfr. model# WII RVL R RFNE – $89.99

    Annas last blog post..Movies at Home

  9. Wow what an amazing thing you did! It brought tears to my eyes, you are very generous. I can’t say that I would be as generous because its been a very tight year for us but I think I would let my daughter use it and buy $50 dollars worth of gifts for family and $50 for needy children. I think its a huge lesson since she has been pretty fortunate most of her life. Thank you

  10. I’m thinking I would put it toward some new clothes. Moms are notorious for buying clothes for their children and not themselves. One item that caught my eye was the Apostrophe Pointelle Swing Sweater in black(Sears item # 00751490007.) I also really like the Apostrophe Shawl Collar Cat Coat(Sears item # 00751490007). Very pretty!

    Brandices last blog post..I entered them all.

  11. We haven’t had a bed for our 4 years of marriage, just a mattress and recently a foundation (yay! We are moving up!) so I would definitely buy this bed frame: #08216902000 actually even if I don’t win the card I’m still buying the bed frame from Sears because their price is lower than any other place I have looked at for queen sized bed frames. I would buy this gift for my husband since I only spent $1 on his Christmas gift (don’t tell him that!)

  12. That is really nice to do. And great gift choices! I remember when I was younger I was always happy whenever I got something that wasn’t clothes. A toy was especially good for me.

  13. I would get a watch

    Caravelle Ladies Caravelle Gold Tone Dress Watch
    Sears item# 04448916000 Mfr. model# 44M01

    and with the money leftover get some school pants with elastic waist for my daughter who cannot do snaps for the life of me.

  14. Thanks Sears (and Ben) for such a great idea this holiday season! My favorite Christmas present ever was a bike and I think that’s true for lots of kids, so I’d use the gift card to buy 1 boy bike and 1 girl bike for the 2008 Bike Drive for the Forgotten Children’s Fund

    Huffy 20 in. Girls Dream Journey Single Speed Bike. Purple Sears item #00607578000 $49.99


    Huffy 16 in. Boys Uproar Single Speed Bike. Black with green Sears item #00607575000 $49.99

  15. really need a good digital camera so would use toward a new one – Sears item #00353118000

  16. I would buy the following items with my $100 Sears gift card:

    US Polo Assn. Mens Claendar Day/Date Watch with Black Sunray Dail & Link Band – Reg Price: $29.99 – Sale $23.99 – Sears item#04410815000 Mfr. model#US8072

    Covington Rugby Stripe Reversible Hat w/Snowflake Prints – (Navy) Reg Price: $18.00 – Sale $9.00 – Sears item#03318569096 Mfr. model#M0415

    Covington Plaid Muffler – (Navy) Reg price: $16.00 – Sale $7.99 – Sears item#08899617199 Mfr. model#J3068

    Zak Designs 9.25 in Large Colander, Orange – Reg price: $10.99 – Sale $8.79 – Sears item#00823900000 Mfr. model#0550-9981

    Pfaltzgraff Rio 3 pc Sealed Canister Set – Reg price: $49.99 – Sears item#02475689000 Mfr. model#57033000

    with .24 cent left over!

  17. 05895762000 (Spanish game for Nintendo DS) that would be my first thing….my daughter is getting a Nintedo DS for Christmas and only one game. Other than that, it would be up to my family to decide. Perhaps to share with others in our community

  18. I would get the 9.2 mp digital camera in pink item # 00353288000. This would be for my lovely granddaughter. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  19. would love to use for the shelter i volunteer to. thanks for the opp:
    Halex Alpha Electronic Dartboard
    Sears item# 00612260000 Mfr. model# 64302
    Fisher-Price Fisher-Price – Imaginext Adventures Pirate Ship
    Sears item# 05236653000 Mfr. model# 291157
    Mattel Barbie Dream Stable Playset with Doll
    Sears item# 05212877000 Mfr. model# 376151
    happy holidays

  20. Bond 007:Quantum Of Solace Collectors Edition for the X-box 360
    Sears item# 05891483000
    I would get this for my nephew. I found out he is getting an X-box 360 for Christmas. I would use the remainder to get the Messenger Kit for Xbox 360
    Sears item# 05891835000
    My cousin is getting him a one year subscription to x-box 360 gold so the the messenger kit would be awesome

    lennys last blog post..BACON, BACON, BACON

  21. I searched Sears and decided I would buy this item

    Kenmore Sewing Machine w/43 Stitch Functions, Built-in Needle Threader
    Sears item# 02015343000 Mfr. model# 15343

    It was be for me,but I could help the family by sewing ,and hemming and stuff.We could save money this way and not run out and buy things just because they have a rip. Thanks !

  22. I’d get this for my mother:
    Kodak 8.2MP Digital Camera, EasyShare M863 – Red
    Sears item# 00353269000 Mfr. model# M863

  23. I would buy my terrific husband of 17 years the

    Craftsman 154 pc. Mechanics Tool Set
    Sears item # 00935154000
    Mfr. model # 35154
    Qty. 1

    He always says you can’t have too many tools!

  24. I loved looking at the photos and reading about your generosity. These are the items I’d get if I won:

  25. I would grant part to a local shelter that does great work for displaced families. my mom would love the 12 speed mixer item # 00866450000

  26. I would get my Husband the 154pc. tool set on sale for 99.99 Sears item# 00937154000 This would be so great to win. Thanks

  27. Thank you for the opportunity. I would get something for my overworked, underpaid husband with the gift card.
    Craftsman Mini Circular Saw
    Sears item# 00910872000 Mfr. model# 10872

  28. The White Kenmore 1.2 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave $99.00
    Sears item# 02063252000 Mfr. model# 63252 is what I’d choose. My son is getting his very first condo next month! Great giveaway, and Eva is adorable. She looks like a little doll!

  29. My husband desperately has asked for the same thing year after year, with $100 towards it, I could get the bubble hockey game he wants!
    item# 00686213000

  30. I would buy the Weider Weight System for my husband. Item # 00614623000 Model # Pro 4950
    thank you

  31. I keep foster children an they usually end up with the short end of the stick at christmas time,the ones we have get gifts but a lot of the others dont,so we would go shopping for the ones that dont get anything,the state doesnt provide this,heres our list:My First Craftsman 71-Piece Toy Tool Set

    Sears item #05211171000
    Mfr. model #773281
    User Rating: 2 ratings

    Disney Disney Sleeping Beauty Magic Lights

    Sears item #05213018000
    Mfr. model #M8401
    Mattel Cars Screamin’ Banshee Vehicle Playset

    Sears item #05201144000
    Mfr. model #M2281

  32. I’d get the 4-Drawer Ball-Bearing Roll-Away, 26-1/2 in. Wide – Red/Black Sears item# 00962021000 for $189.99

  33. I would buy the Cuisinart 12 in. Non-Stick Skillet
    Sears item# 00855596000 Mfr. model# MCP22-30HNS $79

  34. Thank you so much for this great giveaway. If I won, I would really love the Hoover Upright Vacuum
    Sears item# 02038816000 Mfr. model# U5512900. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

  35. Chica,
    I have always enjoyed going to Sears. I like that they finally brought back toys. They didn’t have them in the store for a while but now they are coming back.

  36. With a $100.00 Sears gift card I would buy bath towels. Just once I would love to own big, fluffy, absorbant pretty bath towels.

  37. Thanks!

    TKS Katie – Black
    Sears item # 03662260558

    Girl Code Rhinestone Bubble Dress
    Sears item # 07717649032

    Open Star Drop Earring with Diamond Accent. Sterling Silver
    Sears item # 04463348000

  38. Loretta,
    I have often bought clothes at Sears, they have a good selection for rugged boys who wear out their clothes fast. Drop some Sku numbers in a comment to be added to the contest. 🙂

  39. Thanks for the great contest! I would have to use it towards a workbench I would love to get for my husband. Item 0095943300000

  40. Anna,
    She will have a very good teacher in my father. He would love to have another one of his girls learn his carpentry skills.

  41. Melissa,
    To be part of the contest please enter the SKU numbers for those items, even if they are limited in selection. Then you will have a proper entry into the contest.

  42. Thanks very much Julie, she has a nice time with it. Allison said that she tried to put the bolts in her hair last night.

  43. Hi Sue,
    I’m glad that you liked our story. It has certainly been a tough year for so many. We have been fortunate and lucky, I’d say mostly lucky with out situation.

    I want to make sure you get a proper entry into the contest so please enter a SKU number of some Sears product to be properly counted in the contest. Thanks.

  44. Hi Brandice.
    Trying your luck at another of my contests, awesome! I am happy to see you participating and glad you like the last prize you won. Thanks for continuing to read

  45. Thanks Charles. Please enter a SKU # for products at Sears to be entered into the contest. I appreciate the comment but want to make sure that you get counted in the contest as well.

  46. Thanks Eric,
    Are you going to enter the contest? Please leave some SKU numbers for products adding up to $100 in a comment so you can be counted in the contest.

  47. Chris,
    Thanks for entering the contest, those sound like great gifts. My daughter is not ready to dress herself quite yet. Eventually I will face your same dilemma.

  48. Kimberly,
    A digital camera is a must have, it captures life’s moments so well. I’ve taken a photo or two. 🙂 Thanks for entering the contest.

  49. Ranee,
    Thanks very much, we think she is super cute too. She had so much fun. It was a great experience for all of us. Thanks for entering the contest.

  50. Sauder Footboard Bench – Soft White
    Sears item# 00892746000 is what I would use the card for.

  51. Okay obviosly I don’t read rules so heres what we’d get.
    A sweater for Grandpa Structure Cotton Fine Gauge V-Neck Argyle Sweater
    Sears item # 04142172098 Mfr.model # M0166

    A decent jacket for Grandma Bold Spirit 3/4 With Rouching At Neck Jacket With Pick Stitch
    Sears item # 01712815066 Mfr.model # A7912
    Fit: Womens Color: Coffee Bean Size: Large

    And like I said before the rest would go to needy kids, I always worry about the older kids not getting anythin so maybe a couple MP3 players like these
    Coby Electronics 1GB Micro Clip MP3 Player – Blue

    Sears item #05797679000
    Mfr. model #MP550-1GBLU

    There thats what we’d do if we won.

  52. DEBIJOT,
    How old is she because there is a great intro to photography book for kids. I forget the name but it is great to start kids looking at the world through a lens as early as possible. Thanks for entering the contest.

  53. Terra,
    It was easy to be generous with someone else’s money. What we have to work on is being generous with our own money but I have a plan for that. Thanks for entering the contest.

  54. Janet,
    I like baking cakes as well, haven’t made one in a while but would like to, nice choice. Thanks for entering the contest.

  55. Joanna,
    Tools are always a good choice for the men in your life. Even if they are not mechanically inclined a nice shiny set of tools is a must have. Thanks for entering the contest.

  56. The Carhartt parka, Sears #041A0100000 would be perfect, because it’s zero degrees here right now and I need a warm coat.

  57. Our old VCR isn’t working very well. The Magnavox DVD Player & 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR Combo
    Sears item# 05757168000 Mfr. model# DV225MG9 looks just like what I need.

  58. Andrew,
    Thanks for entering the contest. I think you posted a comment that was supposed to be on the $500 contests, I deleted that one and kept the one for the $100 contest so you are entered. Thanks.

  59. Paula Deen 8 Qt. Covered Stockpot

    Sears item #00896961000
    Mfr. model #71928 $59.99

    Kenmore 7 qt. Slow Cooker
    Reg Price: $49.99 Savings: $14.00 You Pay: $35.99

    You’re very generous and I truely NEED something that’s not falling apart to cook in.

  60. We need two throws for our living room, since we are keeping the thermostat set low this year to save money & energy. Sears # 09674760000 in Camel would be great.

  61. I would us it for this:
    * Sears item #05792477000
    * Mfr. model #JBLONSTMBLKP
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  62. I would probably get the Wii Fit Sears item# 05892358000

    It’s something my whole family would enjoy together.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  63. Oh My Aching Back – I would apply it to the purchase of a snow thrower. Sears item# 07188705000

  64. I would go for some things for my coming great grandchild–the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier #03279125000 model #EE0865, the Safety 1st Forehead Thermometer #04922578000 model #49540 and the Flat Screen TV Lock #04901193000 model #48469. The last would be for my house, since those things are HEAVY and too many small children have been badly hurt or killed by them tipping already!

  65. If I were lucky enough to win I’d put it towards a Craftsman Professional 20 volt Lithium-Ion 3-Tool Combo Kit with Contractor Utility Bag
    Sears item# 00926325000 Mfr. model# 26325 $199.99 (great price) for my hubby. Thank you!

  66. Yes, I would have to say that my wish to be granted this Christmas is a garage where my car will actually fit! So, with a $100 gift card, I would get a couple of these: Craftsman HighAWAY® Garage Ceiling Storage Sears item# 00987766000!

  67. Sears item# 05757168000 Mfr. model# DV225MG9 The Magnavox DVD Player & 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR Combo, our family is all sharing one. it suck taking it from room to room. this would be great to win

  68. Ben you are kind and generous…I would want to donate this towards the Heroes registry at Sears if I won this. There is no model number, but if I won, I would ask that you do that or use it for the local charity you bought toys for.

  69. sounds like a very nice experience…..
    I would choose item # 00353288000 – Kodak 9.2MP Digital Camera, EasyShare C913 – Pink……nice gift, I think!

  70. DXG 6-In-1 Flash Memory Camcorder – Blue

    Sears item #00398663000
    Mfr. model #DXG-506VBC

    on sale $94.99

    I would love to win thanks.

  71. Kathryn,
    Big Fluffy bath towels would be very nice especially if you’ve never had them. Please put in a comment with SKU numbers so that your entry can be counted.

  72. I have been wanting this for awhile: Haier 6-Bottle Capacity Thermal Electric Wine Cellar Silver Cabinet with Silver Trim item# 1370000HVUE06BSS Mfr. model# HVUE06BSS.

  73. We love Sears! They carry great quality products and stand behind what they sell. They have outstanding Customer Service. If I were to win I would love to buy my husband the Craftsman 5-Drawer Homeowner Roll-Away, 26-1/2 in. Wide – Red Sears item# 00962215000, the price is just a tiny bit over $109.00 but that would be fine by me. Then again I might want to buy the Sharp 1.4 cu.ft. 1100W Microwave Oven w/turntable – Black Sears item #02094127000 for myself. Either one would do.


  74. Aww…looks like the family had a great time shopping! You guys did great! If I were to win, I would pass the card along to a needy family at my Church and let them choose or I would purchase the Waring Pro Juice Extractor for my son, as he is trying to eat healthier.


    Merry Christmas!

  75. For my husband…
    iHome AM/FM Clock Radio for iPod® – Black
    Sears item# 05792438000 Mfr. model# IH9B

  76. I would love Sears item# 00859143000…a rolling kitchen cart–it is $299, I would pay the difference.
    Thank you for the contest!

  77. The Harvard Mercury 6ft. Hockey Table is on sale for $99.99 and my kids would have a blast with it!

    Sears item# 00625285000 Mfr. model# G03625F

  78. Sharp 1 cu.ft. 1100W Microwave Oven w/turntable – Black
    Sears item# 02094120000 Mfr. model# R307NKblk is my choice

  79. I would use the gift cards towards this:

    Craftsman 10 in. Table Saw with Stand
    Sears item# 00921802000 Mfr. model# 21802

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  80. I would use it towards shoes for the kids. My daughter would have these two: Rachel Sunflower – White, Pink Sears item # 03605144516 and TKS Girls Cara – Black Sears item # 03620084516. My son would get this one: Skechers Boys Police – Black/Silver Sears item # 03682460522

    With the little bit left over I would get these shoes for hubby: Wonderlite Watson – Black
    Sears item # 06777398668

    Thanks for the chance to win this!

  81. I love the softer side of Sears…and Izea.

    Sony 19 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) – Orange

    because our oven went kapoots.

    Happy holidays.

  82. Rosetti Power Play Hobo

    * Sears item #08812635099

    I need a new bag so bad. I would use the rest of the money for things we need around the house.

    thanks so much!

  83. I would purchase
    Sears item# 05283630000–$14.99
    Sears item# 05294915000–$39.99
    Sears item# 05290059000–$37.99

    Thank you for the chance

  84. I am in desperate need of a new sewing machine. I would get Kenmore Sewing Machine w/43 Stitch Functions, Built-in Needle Threader
    Sears item# 02015343000 Mfr. model# 15343
    Reg Price: $89.99 Savings: $13.50 You Pay: $76

  85. I’d buy my daughter the Hoover Upright Vacuum
    (Sears item# 02038816000 Mfr. model# U5512900) on sale for $99.99.

    Love this giveaway. Thanks!

  86. I would get Kodak 9.2MP Digital Camera, EasyShare C913 – Pink Sears item# 00353288000 Mfr. model# C913 / 1509736. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  87. I’d buy

    2 of these:
    Organize It All Stackable Storage Shelf
    Sears item #00891619000 Mfr. model #1707 $34.99

    And one of these:
    Whitney Designs Triple Storage Bin
    Sears item #00899627000 Mfr. model #7119 $27.99


  88. I would put it toward a digital photo frame for my grandfather.
    Sears item #00399117000
    Mfr. model #DPF080-LL

  89. My Sears wish is a Brother XL2600i 26 Mechanical Stitch Sewing Machine
    Sears item# 02094042000 Mfr. model# XL2600I

  90. My wish is for 2 of the LeapFrog The Tag Reading System Sears item# 05201309000 Mfr. model# 30704 for $49.99 each for both of my granddaughters! I know this would be a wish come true for them too since I know they would love to learn to read better.

  91. My goal this year is to get fit, so if I were to win I would order the Everlast Free Standing Heavybag Kit Sears item# 00614260000 Mfr. model# 2224 $89.99
    Thanks for the giveaway

  92. I’d buy Sears item #05757228000, the Venturer Portable DVD Player w/ 7 in. Diagonal LCD Widescreen Display. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Sony AM/FM Clock Radio with iPod Dock, Black
    Sears item # 05792007000 Mfr.model # ICF-C1IPBLACK

  94. For my husband’s allergies:

    Kenmore HEPA Air Cleaner

    * Sears item #03285244000
    * Mfr. model #85244

  95. Hubby needs Sears item# 00910872000 Craftsman Mini Circular Saw for $99.99…he’s converting our attic to a master bedroom/bath himself.

  96. I’m always on the lookout for bargains on new clothes, and there are some good ones on sale at Here are the ones I’d choose: Stephanie Mathews Double Breasted Plaid Peacoat (item # 01713070066) and the Seven7 Freedom Top Long Sleeve (item # 00712888030).

  97. Love your blog and pics! Love, even more, what you did with the Sears card! I would love to help a Single mom, of two boys from my church. They have nothing and this could really help them out! Keep up the great work!

  98. I really want to get bedding for my kids but I couldn’t seem to get the item numbers, so here is what I chose instead: Sears item# 00353288000 Mfr. model# C913 / 1509736

    We need an updated one anyway 🙂

  99. well, my xmas shoppings done, so id get something for me – Everlast 70lb Nevertear Heavy Bag, Black Sears item# 00614782000

  100. If I won, I’d buy KitchenAid Artisanâ„¢ Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer, Onyx Black Sears item# 00847915000 Mfr. model# KSM150PSOB.

  101. If I won this, I wouldn’t buy anything with it myself. Perhaps you saw this news story – a local charity collected $350 worth of assorted store gift cards for a Plymouth family in need. The mother had recently lost her job, and is also going through a nasty divorce…she has three kids. However, the package with the gift cards was delivered to the wrong house, and the woman who got them went ahead and spent them all. This made my blood boil, surely she knew that they were not meant for her. She should not have accepted them, she should have made sure they went to the family they were intended for. That’s what any decent human being would have done.

    If I won the gift card, I would take it to the charity and ask that it be given to that family. They are looking for donations so that they can put together another package for them.

    I also Tweeted the contest, will do blog post later.

    Christines last blog post..Booger King in the fragrance business?

  102. If they were to go on sale again (or if the sale held over) I would buy each of my sons an electric blanket for their room (item number 096B8110000). Their room gets pretty cold and they are both in need of new bedclothes and this would be perfect for those chilly Ohio nights (they could even preheat their beds hahahahaha). 😀 Thank you SO very much for the chance to win this! (if they weren’t on sale, i would find something that I could get for all 3 of my kidlets to share or for us to share as a family or I would contact a friend of mine whose brother is very ill and see if he could use it for some nice things for his kidlets to share!) 🙂
    Merry Christmas (a bit early 😉 )

    Fantacys last blog post..My submission for Portrait contest 🙂

  103. I would get an item I really have been wanting and needing. Conair Satin Nickel Double-sided Oval Illuminated Make-up Mirror- Item #09645034000. It would make life so much easier for me in the bathroom! Happy Holidays!

  104. I have been wishing for a KitchenAid Artisanâ„¢ Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer, Empire Red. I do a lot of baking with my mom so this would be perfect for us to share!

    Sears item# 00847807000 Mfr. model# KSM150PSER

  105. I would get this dress for my mom – # 03111549008 – my wedding is next year (closing in!) and she has been fretting about affording a dress for it since we got engaged. I would love to treat her!

  106. I’d get Bright Crystal 3 Oz Eau De Toilette Spray For Women Sears item# 07464628000 for my sister

  107. Kodak 9.2MP Digital Camera, EasyShare C913 – Pink
    Sears item# 00353288000 Mfr. model# C913 / 1509736

    It’s pink! It’s digital! It’s 99.99!

  108. Black Kenmore 1.2 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave
    Sears item# 02063259000 Mfr. model# 63259
    $99.99 sale!

  109. I would use my Sears gift card to buy the Journey Diamond Star Pendant. 10K Yellow Gold
    Sears item# 04421719000

  110. I would get this stroller – InStep Run Around Sears item# 04910635000 Mfr. model# 11-KS108. Thanks!

  111. I had fun “shopping”! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! Here’s my list Santa 🙂 :
    Sears item# 00818301000 toaster of my dreams
    Sears item# 09650165000 2 pillows please

  112. I would buy the Sunbeam 12 speed mixer Sears item # 00866450000 for my mother in law, hers just died, and I would buy me a new pair of slippers Dearfoams suede slippers Sears item # 07511235004

  113. This would replace a digital photo viewer that I gave someone last year that never worked.

    Mustek 7 Inch Multifunction Digital Photo Viewer

    Sears item #00399089000
    Mfr. model #PF-A722BM

  114. I think I would get…
    Sears item# 00880756000
    Sears item# 00821482000
    Sears item# 00849499000
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. If I won I’d buy the Blue and White Topaz Drop Earrings. 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, Item #04471483000 They’re beautiful!

  116. I’d use it for this: Sears item #00353469000

    Having all boys in the household sucks for gift giving this house!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  117. I would get Sears item# 00896996000:
    T-Fal D050SB72 Premier Hard Enamel 11 Pc. Set $99.99

    Thank you.

  118. KitchenAid Hand Mixer – $67.50
    Sears item# 00869248000

    Carter’s Infant Sleep & Play – $8.99
    Sears item # 02901266010

    Carter’s Infant Sleep & Play – $8.99
    Sears item # 02901269010

    Carter’s Infant Sleep & Play – $8.99
    Sears item # 02901268009


  119. Mio Moov 200 Portable GPS Navigator w/ 3.5 in. Touchscreen Display
    Sears item# 05710010000 Mfr. model# MIO MOOV 200 $99.99

  120. Burberry 1.0 oz Eau de Parfum
    Sears item# 07468435000

    Juicy Couture .17 Oz Collectible Eau De Perfume
    Sears item# 07468509000

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  121. I’d love to have Sears item# 00858731000 Mfr. model# WAF-6 so that we can all eat HOT waffles at the same time.

  122. Awww, Eva’s so CUTE! Haha, I’m betting that the reason she picked the toolbox was because she wants to be just like her Granddad. 😉

    If I were to win, I would spend it on a ping-pong table priced at $99.99 (Sears item# 0062604300) for my younger brother. We both enjoyed playing games on end when we were younger and spent the holidays at my uncle’s. Now that we’re older, there isn’t much we can just spend some good ol’ brother-sister time on and enjoy. I think the two of us would definitely enjoy reverting back to our younger selves just for a few hours while playing ping-pong!

    deepikaurs last blog post..Retaggr, Your Online Business Card [Review]

  123. My daughters 2nd birthday is coming up and I would get her item# 05280248000 Mfr. model# 709667 (Fisher-Price bounce and spin zebra) and the item# 05297788000 Mfr. model# 705349B (Busy Ball-tivity table by Playskool)

  124. I would buy the Sears item# 00353298000. I don’t have one and I need one. Thanks for the chance.

  125. My friend lost her job, and is unable to buy her kids Christmas presents this year. They would love Sears item #05896869000.

  126. hetz-junk(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Kenmore Sewing Machine with 58 Stitch Functions and Built-In Needle Threader Sears item# 02015358000

  127. I would enjoy being able to buy this item for myself:

    Wii, My Sims Kingdom
    Sears item# 05892589000 Mfr. model# WII ELA 15550

    It costs $49.99

  128. I’d get:

    Panasonic 8.1MP Digital Camera, FS3 – Green

    * Sears item #00398791000
    * Mfr. model #DMC-FS3G

  129. I’d get the Conair Infiniti Nano Silver High Temperature Ionic Steam Straightener.

    Sears item# 00812842000

  130. You have a beautiful little girl. I really enjoyed reading your shopping adventure. It’s so touching to know that Sears is giving individuals the chance to shop for others less fortunate.

    If we were to win, we would get a stand for our television since we are using the coffee table now. lol

    Ty Pennington Style Carson TV Stand
    Sears item# 00810645000

  131. I would buy 2 pair of Levi’s 517 Boot Cut Jeans, #04149003303; 1 Dockers Chest Stripe 1/4 Zip Sweater, #04170926003; and 1 Covington Short Sleeve Pique Polo, #04187280002.

  132. I’d buy:
    Sears item # 09674742000 Boucle Throw blanket in sage – 15.99
    Sears item# 00917765000 Craftsman 12-gal 5.0 peak hp Wet/Dry Vac – 59.99

  133. My brother has been hoping for an MP3 player for a long time, but it’s beyond his budget right now, so I would love to get him the Sony 4GB Walkman® MP3 Player – Black, Sears item# 05721620000. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Happy holidays!

  134. I really want this Tricord 15″ Rosewood digital picture frame,Sears item #00398590000 It’s $224.99, but I’ll pay the difference.
    Thanks for the awesome contest and I’d also like to thank Sears and Izea for all of these grant a wish sweepstakes.
    Happy Holidays to you all.

  135. I would be so grateful to win a Sears Gift Card. I’d really love to get the Suncast Extra Large Deck Box – Sears item# 07165030000 Mfr. model# DB9000

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Hope to win.

  136. I would get an undercounter CD player/radio (#05797708000) and a new Jacket (#01712956067)

  137. I need a Tom Tom navigation system, Sears item# 05730719000. I’m always getting lost. Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. Sears item# 00911588000 Mfr. model# 11588. I would buy this for my step father, who recently had his garage broken into. They stole most of his tools. Thanks!!

  139. So hard to pick!!
    Dearfoams Burnout Velour Bootie
    Sears item # 07511220004

    Journey Diamond Circle Pendant. 10K White Gold
    Sears item # 04421720000


  140. I would buy a Sony 4GB Walkman® MP3 Player – Red

    * Sears item #05721623000
    * Mfr. model #NWZE436FRED

  141. I’d get two of these:Sunbeam Elite Heated Blanket
    starts at $49.99 starts at $99.99
    thru 12/24/08
    All items on sale

  142. I am in need of new luggage, I would buy this:

    Heys USA Tc50 Travel Concepts Nassau 4 Pc Luggage Set 99.99
    Sears item # 01499775001 Mfr.model # TC50

  143. Sears item # 07651847564 Mfr.model # 11422 BKW
    This for my daughter and This for my son:
    Sears item # 07605254574 Mfr.model # 05254

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  144. What an awesome idea! This year has been a very difficult one for Damian and I and he has been amazing through my hospital stays and taking care of MAtthew when I couldn’t. I can’t imagine what he has gone through. This year we were not able to exchange gifts with each other because of my reducing my hours at work. I would love to be able to get him a tool box that he has wanted for a long time. The sku number is Craftsman 5 Drawer Tool Center w/Riser and Panel – Platinum and Black
    Sears item# 00959318000 Mfr. model# 59318

    Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  145. I would buy my family the Harvard Mercury 6ft. Hockey Table (item #00625285000), which is on sale for $99.99!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  146. Marybeth,
    I am heartbroken to hear that. I wish you and Damian a happy Christmas this year despite the presents. I hope that you entered all of the contests to increase your chances of winning. I’d love it if you hit for the $500 gift card because that would help you both. We need to catch up, soon.

  147. We would love to win Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board
    Sears item# 05892358000 Mfr. model# WII RVL R RFNE – $89.99 Thanks for the chance to win.

  148. I would buy tomtom GPS, ONE 125 Portable GPS Navigation Device, item # 05730719000 for $99.99. Thanks so much!

  149. I’d buy bathroom linens.

    (8 ea) Colormate Solid Bath Towel
    Sears item # 09699915256

    (6 ea) Colormate Solid Hand Towel
    Sears item # 09699916256

    (14 ea) Colormate Solid Washcloth
    Sears item # 09699917256

  150. 1/4 ct. tw.* Diamond Earrings
    Sears item# 04429685000 Mfr. model# 83526D/10

    $99.00 very nice!!!

  151. For $99.99 on sale #5757198000 the GPX Portable DVD Player with 8 inch widescreen display would be great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  152. I can remember growing up and making our Christmas list from the Sears catalog. My sisters and I would carefully mark the pages to send to Santa. We thought that Santa got all of our toys at Sears.
    I would love to purchase the Delonghi Retro Panini Maker with this great gift card.
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. It must be fun getting to play Santa.

  153. I would buy a new printer. Canon All-In-One Inkjet Photo Printer, PIXMA MP180
    Sears item# 00398771000 Mfr. model# MP180

  154. I shop at Sears pretty regularly and it’s great they are sponsoring this via IZEA. What I’d get is a Wii Fit Sears item# 05892358000 Mfr. model# WII RVL R RFNE. Granted, it isn’t in stock at the moment and probably won’t be for a while, but I’d hop on the waiting list.

  155. I would pick a Kodak Easy share(had the item # copied but lost it,oops!) Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  156. We seem to break our cameras with regularity. I’d opt for the Nikon 8.0MP Digital Camera, Coolpix – Blue
    Sears item #00353138000

  157. Great giveaway! I would get something for both of my girls.

    Boston Accent Indy – Black
    Sears item# 05428527000 for my oldest

    My Real Dreamtime Baby Doll — Blue Eyes and Fair Skin
    Sears item# 05294962000 for my youngest

    Thank you!!!

  158. my husband’s cousin is working 3 jobs and loves when I send food home I made in my slowcooker so I would love to get this for her:
    Rival 6 Qt. Smart-Pot Slow Cooker with Bonus Little Dipper

    Sears item #00864485000
    Mfr. model #SCVP609-KLS

  159. Mio Moov 200 Portable GPS Navigator w/ 3.5 in. Touchscreen Display Sears item# 05710010000 Mfr. model# MIO MOOV 200 $99.99

  160. Craftsman 16-gal 6.5-peak hp Wet/Dry Vac with Detachable 265 mph Blower
    Sears item #00917066000 ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry:)

  161. I’d get a backless barstool like this: Sears item #00859065000. My hubby’s current one is lookin’ bad.
    Thanks for the contest!

  162. All I want is some necessities for our baby! I found this wonderful highchair that is just perfect for her. Here is the information:

    Graco Meal Timeâ„¢ Highchair, Annabelle
    Sears item# 04988740000 Mfr. model# 749621001101-7

    Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to enter!

  163. Cuisinart Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

    Sears item #00869772000
    Mfr. model #TOB-50
    On sale right now for $99.99

  164. I would chose the Nikon 8.0MP Digital Camera, Coolpix – Blue Sears item# 00353138000 Mfr. model# L18-a since my cameras battery door is now held on with tape. Thanks for the opportunity.

  165. I’d love to own a Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Maker — I’ve heard such great things about it, and it would be very convenient for day-to-day use: Sears # 00833340000 ($99)

  166. I’d get a pair of Adidas tennis shoes for my daughter item #07650181562 and a micro fleece blanket for myself item #09671778001. Happy Holidays!

  167. I would put it toward a Kitchen Aid mixer (#00847807000). I’ve wanted one forever now and instead just bought a new sewing machine. I have a hand mixer that works and a sewing machine that didn’t, so I had to get it! LOL But I’d love a stand mixer. Crossing my fingers here! 🙂

    Tsoniki Crazy Bulls last blog post..Learning About Native Heritage

  168. I have really enjoyed reading the blogs about this giveaway! I’ve followed a few and have been impressed by the ideas by the bloggers. As for me, I’m a single Mom who has a very limited budget for christmas. This year, I was really hoping one of my little munchkins would ask for Guitar Hero so they would all have something they could play with together, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be…. so I would get Sears item #05892384000 the Guitar Hero Bundle because I know they would love it!

  169. I would get the Craftsman NEXTECâ„¢ 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Hammerhead Auto Hammer Sears item #00911818000

  170. Tires for my car – winter just started and I of course realized that I really need new tires 🙂

  171. #00801294000 is a toaster oven which would be great for making smaller meals with.

  172. I would get my Son some new school clothes. He just about grows out of everything right after he gets it. Here is some items I liked for him from Sears website.
    Canyon River Blues Boy’s 8-20 Husky Layered Woven Plaid Shirt
    Sears item# 040S3041000
    Levi’s ® Boy’s 8-20 Painter Jean
    Sears item # 04004784140
    Levi’s ® Boy’s 8-20 569™ Loose Fit Jean
    Sears item # 04004733140

  173. Before I got pregnant, we got rid of some baby things, just because 1) we ran out of room and 2) I was depressed and just didn’t want to see it anymore. Now with the baby coming, I would use the gift card to get another glider (we sold our old one). Item number 04988353000- it’s more than $100, but a good start!

    Alli. my name, not a keywords last blog post..December 22nd :: Dance of the Roomba

  174. I would love to win the George Foreman Family-Sized Grill w/Indigo Bun Warmer Sears item# 00848513000 and the Kenmore 10 cup Food Processor Sears item #00881002000. Thanks!

  175. Kodak 8.2MP Digital Camera, EasyShare C813

    * Sears item #00353249000
    for my daughter because her camera of only 6 months broke and fuji won’t stand behind there warranty 🙁

  176. I would get the Cuisinart Chefs Classic 7 pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  177. First off, Eva is beautiful! If chosen, I would purchase item #00880806000 Nesco American Harvest Square Dehydrator-700 Watts! We have been wanting one for years to make deer jerky, but for us, it is a luxury item. Thanks for the chance!

  178. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love the 7pc American Tourist luggage set
    Item # 01455034000

    sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

  179. I would like 1/2 ct. t.w.* Diamond Composite Stud Earring. 10K White Gold
    Sears item# 04421558000 Mfr. model# E60190C00W -$99

  180. I would like the 1/2 ct. t.w.* Diamond Composite Stud Earring. 10K White Gold
    Sears item# 04421558000 Mfr. model# E60190C00W -$99

  181. Thank you for this great contest! I am moving into my first apartment and would love this: Kenmore 10 cup Food Processor

    Sears item #00881002000

  182. I’d use it towards this camera for my daughter:
    Sony 7.2MP Digital Camera, W120 – Pink
    Sears item #00338408000


  183. Sears item #05892346000: Wii,Mario Kart & Wii Wheel
    & Sears item #05892537000: Wii,Lego Batman

    Total: $99.98

  184. We really need a new microwave so I would choose, Sharp 1 cu.ft. 1100W Microwave Oven w/turntable – White, Sears item# 02094124000.

  185. How about some nice diamonds? 1/3 ct. tw.* Ear Studs
    Sears item# 04428471000 Mfr. model# KEOF12432 Yea.

  186. Craftsman 3 gal. Air Compressor, 1 hp, Horizontal Tank
    Sears item# 00915310000 Mfr. model# 15310 it’s 99 dollars on sale and would be for my hubby!

    thank you and Merry Christmas!

  187. If I am the lucky winner of the gift card, I’d like to buy a couple of sets of Lands’ End 400 TC Supima No-iron Sheet Sets (item # 09655826004), they’re under $40 each, so my husband and I could each have a set. We have only one set of really nice sheets that we got at an outlet store, because we normally can’t afford anything that nice. I thought the whole thread count thing was overrated until we got those sheets. It does make a difference!

    Auriettes last blog post..Introductions

  188. Thanks for the great contest.
    I’d get new vacuum: Hoover Upright Vacuum (Sears item# 02038816000 Mfr. model# U5512900) for $99.99.

  189. My digital camera died, and I really need one for work. Therefore, I pick Sears item #00353288000.

  190. i’d want the Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw with Laser Tracâ„¢ – $86

    Sears item# 00921180000

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