Eva’s First Kayaking Adventure

Evas First Kayaking Adventure
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This morning Allison, Eva and I went to Cape Cod Kayak to join a paddling trip. Our friend Kim hooked us up with a double kayak and a top notch guide in her nephew Josh. Josh has been working in the store and on the water for the past seven years and he is a really great guide. He took us to Monk’s Cove and then around Toby’s Island. It was a really nice paddle with a very big current pushing us along so we cruised so quickly.

We weren’t sure just how Eva would do on the paddle. We bought her a life jacket a few weeks ago in anticipation that we’d go on a paddle soon. We put Eva into the front cockpit of the tandem boat and I hopped in the back. Allison took my boat and she filmed our paddle using my Xshot Kayak Mount and Sanyo Xacti EC1. Eva started out excited and even dipped her own paddle into the water a couple of times and then as we got going she said, with a little trepidation, that she wanted to go home. Luckily I packed some Cheez-its and passed them up to her. She sat back, enjoyed her snack and the ride. I loved that she tried to do her own paddling too. She was so cute in her life jacket. After the trip we picked her up a Cape Cod Kayak T-shirt which she can probably wear in a few years (it is a little big on her).

Photo Information

Date Taken: May 29, 2010
Camera: Canon Point and Shoot
(Aff Link)
Model: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
(My Flickr)
ISO: n/a
Exposure: 1/200sec
Aperture: 7.1
Focal Length: 4.6mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Manual
Lens: Manual

Before the trip I went and started an Everytrail trip however only one photo came out for the trip. However the actual trip itself was recorded on the GPS, that worked really well.

While we didn’t get a lot of photos using my cell phone we did get them on the Nikon, the Canon, the Sanyo and Flip too. I posted all those photos to Picasa in an album called Eva Kayaking. I did want to put up one more photo though, it was taken by Allison and it is of Eva and I in our tandem. I love this photo.

Doesn’t she look like a natural? She’ll be doing Eskimo rolls any day now.

We also got to spend some time at the beach as well as some time at the Falmouth Raw Bar. I hopped in the water today too. Eva got a big splash when she was trying to fill up a water bottle and she was all done with the water for the day. I went in a bit at a time and basically did so so that I could say that I took my first dip before June. It was cold. However, once my body numbed to it it was pleasant.

My sister Shelby works over at the Falmouth Raw Bar. We wanted to visit with her and check out the place. We enjoyed hanging out on the deck and also their clam chowder. We’ll have to go back some time for the twin lobster dinner or the Works, Lobster Dinner because both looked so tasty. We were also very tempted by the smell of the fries.

After our appetizer we headed back tot he house for a great dinner with Mom and Dad complete with corn on the cob.

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    1. Dad,

      We enjoyed the weekend as well. I’m glad we got you set up with iTunes. I think we should get you a full account however so you can play more with the options, I think you’d enjoy the cover flow stuff and making genius playlists.

      We loved the big breakfast and will have to get the warming drawer cleaned out (said every year) so we can all eat at once. Maybe next time we come down. The house looks great and I can’t wait to see that flooring put down you’ve done an amazing job with the attic so far.

  1. Awesome photos..
    I thought you really want adventure..
    Looks like bonding with your family!!!!!
    Me too i like that kind of adventure..
    Thanks for posting these photos i really like it..
    .-= Look at what Alvin Manzano wrote blog ..THE ECONOMIST =-.

  2. this is great i like the picture of your daughter paddling looks awesome,i once tried kayaking its hard to keep up right in the rapids

    1. Rob,

      We avoid the rapids because, well I’m not that great with them. However, flatwater paddling is a lot of fun with the family. I’m glad that Eva loved it too.

    1. Michele,
      We did have a great time. Nearly sunk the kayak, ouch, a hole in the bottom? That seems to be something they should have known about.

  3. Dude, that is just so cool our club in the UK start em young too and the young kids just develop so much confidence, they just seem so at home on the water.

    If you’re ever in the UK check out Richmond open canoe and kayak “Rock”- it’s very familiy friendly and you be made welcome I’m sure ;o)

    I bet you had some trouble matching her paddle strokes :o)


    1. Dave,

      Yeah I didn’t have to worry much about matching strokes as she got disinterested in paddling rather quickly. She just leaned on her paddle for the trip. Not that I expected too much, she’s only 2. I just wanted her to enjoy the trip, which she did, so that was good.

  4. You two look so lovely, it shows that you really are enjoying what you do together. I just feel a little bit scary for the kid, I can even imagine the wail!!!
    How I wish I would have the courage to bring baby in this kind of adventure.:)

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