Hawk and Awww

Photo-A-Day #3114

Today was another Skylanders day around here. I received a bunch more shipments including my Skylanders Swap Force Dark Edition from Gamestop but I’ll get to that. I received more characters as well and also this Skylanders Halloween Costume. While Eva is not going to go as Jet-Vac for Halloween it is a cute costume for her to use to play dress up. There are a bunch of Skylanders costumes available including costumes for Trigger Happy, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Crusher and Jet-Vac. I probably should have requested the Trigger Happy one since we have the MEGA Bloks Trigger Happy Coin Blasters. There was supposed to be a Jet-Vac vacuum blaster from MEGA Bloks that would go perfectly with this costume. The costume that she did get was pretty nice. It scared Andrew so I’m not sure how things are going to go for Halloween this year.

I mentioned that I received my Dark Edition of Skylanders Swap Force. The problem is that the set was missing the stickers and secret codes for the five special edition dark figures. I had heard of this happening to someone on Instagram. They didn’t know that they were supposed to get stickers of their figures in the set and so didn’t really noticed when they were not there. I have been collecting this series for years now and I immediately knew that something was amiss. The box was a bit dinged up on the side and the circular sticker that holds the side closed wasn’t as tight as it should have been. Inside the box things were reversed and when I looked at the cards they were all there but the sticker sheets with the codes were not. I was pretty livid at finding that out. I tried to call GameStop but their customer service line just keeps you hanging forever. I sent a message to GameStop and some tweets, so we’ll see what can be done. I’m not expecting much. I was reading through the GameStop Facebook page and it seems that customer service is not that great.

Update: Well, don’t I feel silly. The stickers were packaged in a very weird place and I did a Google search to see how many people had the same problem. A bunch did and they posted where the stickers were located. I’ll have to do an unboxing video that highlights that. Here is that Unboxing Video.

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  1. thank u so much for the location of the stickers, we were disappointed when we could not find them, but thankfully we still had the box, and found them thanks to your video!!!!

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