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Got Serious About Cleaning Out The Office

Bone Bash Roller Brawl
Photo-A-Day #4158

Today I got super serious about getting the office cleaned out today. I spent a few hours getting everything together. I got a box to give away stuff at work, a box for a giveaway to savers, a bag of odds and ends wires to go to Best Buy and more. I even took everything off the walls. Yes, it is time to get serious about getting this house listed. working on getting it show ready. I’m tired of seeing houses that we might like get snatched up so quickly without us even getting a chance. I want a chance.

Today was another half day of school for Eva. It seems like when Andrew and I get a moment to get things going at home we have to run off to school. Today we also had to run to Target so today was a special little lunch at Dairy Queen with the kids. They loved getting some food and ice cream. While we were there Eva talked about how she hadn’t had the cherry dip in forever. It made me think of the first time I ever took her to Dairy Queen back in 2009. She was about 1 1/2 and I just let her enjoy the heck out of the cone. She made a huge mess. It was great.

At Target we found some items for Andrew’s birthday party. He want’s a Dory themed party. Eva wants a Harry Potter themed one. We’ve got a lot of ideas for the party. Eva even asks for some suggestions in today’s video. That is right before my phone falls off the mount. Whoops. We kept it running.

During my office cleaning I found my last Skylanders SuperChargers figure for my collection. I decided that it was time to unbox it and complete the collection. Just in time to start on skylanders Imaginators. I’m really looking forward to that one to be released.

MEGA Bloks Skylanders Swap Force Stump Smash Battle Portal

MEGA Bloks Skylanders SwapForce Stump Smash Series 3 Battle Portal

I received a special package from MEGA Bloks this past week that included five new products. Three of them were from the new MEGA Bloks Skylanders Swap Force line and two from the Skylanders Giants line. The opinions expressed by me are 100% my own.

Hot on the heels of the Series 2 Battle Portals are the Series 3 ones. These are battle portals for Skylanders Swap Force. The figures are new, the packaging is new and the battle portal itself has changed again. We’ve gone back to the dark grey on the battle portal like the series 1 portals. We’ve also retained the translucent color on the base of the portal but now the bottoms of the portals are a green translucent instead of the orange. I would have preferred that the portals follow the Swap Force colors and have light blue as the bottom color like the bottoms of the Swap Force characters themselves.

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