MEGA Bloks Skylanders Swap Force Stump Smash Battle Portal

MEGA Bloks Skylanders SwapForce Stump Smash Series 3 Battle Portal

I received a special package from MEGA Bloks this past week that included five new products. Three of them were from the new MEGA Bloks Skylanders Swap Force line and two from the Skylanders Giants line. The opinions expressed by me are 100% my own.

Hot on the heels of the Series 2 Battle Portals are the Series 3 ones. These are battle portals for Skylanders Swap Force. The figures are new, the packaging is new and the battle portal itself has changed again. We’ve gone back to the dark grey on the battle portal like the series 1 portals. We’ve also retained the translucent color on the base of the portal but now the bottoms of the portals are a green translucent instead of the orange. I would have preferred that the portals follow the Swap Force colors and have light blue as the bottom color like the bottoms of the Swap Force characters themselves.

The battle bumper is a translucent green and in this set we still get a key and an hourglass blok to attach to the portal or the bumper. There is also an elemental blok for the portal. This set comes with an en fuego chompie and of course Stump Smash.

MEGA Bloks Skylanders SwapForce Stump Smash Battle Portal

Like I stated in the video, the Stump smash figure was done very well. The whole sculpt of the figure is detailed to have the look and feel of bark on a tree just like the actual Skylanders figure. Stump Smash is basically a torso and big clobbering arms. Hi movement is limited to his arms. His hands have slots to hold items but look pretty much like they were only made to smash things.

MEGA Bloks Skylanders SwapForce En Fuego Chompie

Another en Fuego Chompie is a welcome addition to the menagerie of enemies out to destroy the skylanders.

The overall set adds another Life element Skylander to the team who is ready to take on Kaos.