My Desk has a Lot of Red

Photo-A-Day #2815

Today’s theme for the YesVideo December PhotoADay challenge was red. I’m sure that it was meant for something Santa or Christmas related but I looked around my desk and saw that I had a bunch of things that were red. So I made a collage of photos with Diptic. So, in case you don’t recognize everything let me run it down for you.

Top Row Left-Right: Captain America Squinkie, Coke Zero Can, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael.

Middle Row Left-Right: Red M&M, Thundercats Symbol, Optimus Prime and Autobot Symbol.

Bottom Row Left-Right: Skylander Giant Tree Rex, Box of Cheez-Its, Mini Bottle of Tabasco.

So, three days before Christmas and all of the Skylanders that we own and have opened are fully upgraded and have completed every possible heroic challenge that has been unlocked. Next goal is to have each character complete the set of goals that each one has in giants. This game is certainly one that I’ve invested more time and money into than any other game I’ve ever played and yet I am still so happy and entertained to play it. Maybe eventually I’ll even finish the game itself to unlock Nightmare mode.