Sand Angels

Sand Angels
Photo-A-Day #1899

Today was a wonderful Father’s Day for me. We got up and had a nice breakfast at the Commodore Inn and then packed up to head back to Falmouth to visit my parents. We stopped by to see Dad for Father’s day and give him his Father’s Day/Birthday present. Dad’s just gotten into using his Harley-Davidson iPod and we picked him up a portable radio/cd player/ipod player combo so he can listen to his new playlists while working.

While we were there Allison, Eva and I went to the beach to take a walk. It turned into a time for Eva to play on the beach, look for rocks and for us to have fun enjoying her antics. She went and made some Sand Angels. She cracks me up. Sure she got sand everywhere but she was smiling and laughing and having so much fun. We played there for a while so that I could play around with my new Kodak Playsport camera. I’m pretty impressed with it so far. I used it today to take photos of a little mission for Collective Bias. It performed well.

Photo Information

Date Taken: June 20, 2010
Camera: Eastman Kodak
Model: KODAK PlaySport
ISO: 50
Exposure: 1/2000sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 5.5mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: N/A
Lens: N/A

We had lunch and saw Dad’s progress on the attic and Eva’s new bedspread for her bed at the Cape. Mom got her a new bedspread and rug, Eva loved both. We had some lunch and then headed home. There was a little traffic but it wasn’t a bad trip. Before we went to the house we had a little side trip to do at Walmart.

As part of Summer Celebrations with Hershey’s Syrup we went to Walmart to pick up some syrup and other Hershey’s products. We were provided with $25 from Collective Bias to do the shopping trip but the opinions are 100% ours. We picked up five bottles of Hershey’s syrups along with two ice cream toppings from Hershey’s and also some ice cream and Hershey’s mini candies. We documented our trip in this Whrrl.

We had those Sundaes after a great dinner at Havana Cafe. It was my pick and I wanted some Vaca Frita. I love that dish. We had a great time there and it was nice to have a great meal with Allison and Eva. We continued the Father’s Day fun with a viewing of Toy Story and took a break to make our Father’s Day sundae’s from Hershey’s. They were so good.

Happy Father’s Day too all those Dads out there. First off to my Dad and Grandfathers. These are men who helped shape me into the Father I am today. Thank you! To all those friends of mine who are Dads, I hope you had a wonderful day with the family today.

9 thoughts on “Sand Angels”

    1. Dad,
      You are welcome. I am glad you like it and are enjoying the iPod. The house looks amazing and I love the attic. You have done so much hard work on it and it shows.

  1. Drew, This is from the mother of the bride. You couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! He made our day from blending in with everyone to being part of enjoying such a wonderful relaxing , fun event! Thanks a million Drew! You are certainly a special person and a terrific photograher.
    Love to you, Aunt Cindy

    1. Thank you Aunt Cindy. I am glad I was a part of the day, it really meant a lot to me to be there to be able to share my talents with everyone.

    1. Mo,
      Thank you very much. I did have a good time and it was because of my girls up there in that photo.

  2. Heartwarming, but look at all the chocolate syrup bottles in that cart! 🙂
    I got breakfast in bed and perfectly burned marshmellows over the firepit before bedtime. Great times.

    1. Nick,
      That was a tremendous amount of chocolate syrup. We didn’t use it all yet. Sounds like your father’s day was decent too.

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