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Retro Kitty

Photo-A-Day #1950

I was looking on Twitter today and saw a blogger mention another blogger and so I followed to find out more about that blogger and further down the rabbit hole I went. However, in my travels I discovered a new Droid App called Retro Camera. It is free and it uses your existing Droid camera to photograph using 4 different retro cameras. Today’s Photo is using the Pinhole setting. Like most camera related programs on the Droid this is wicked slow. But, once the photo is done it comes out looking pretty funky. Continue reading Retro Kitty

Sand Angels

Sand Angels
Photo-A-Day #1899

Today was a wonderful Father’s Day for me. We got up and had a nice breakfast at the Commodore Inn and then packed up to head back to Falmouth to visit my parents. We stopped by to see Dad for Father’s day and give him his Father’s Day/Birthday present. Dad’s just gotten into using his Harley-Davidson iPod and we picked him up a portable radio/cd player/ipod player combo so he can listen to his new playlists while working. Continue reading Sand Angels