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Many Colors

Many Colors
Photo-A-Day #1558

Today was a whirlwind day. First off I participated in a huge simultaneous blog post with #10Ways. Unfortunately I jumped the dang gun and posted at 9:00am EST not 9:00 PST like I was supposed to. That is okay I remedied that quickly and waited for the big bang. At noon the big bang went off and it was huge. So many people were part of this post and the tweets went off like crazy. I followed a bunch of new people today and suddenly I hit the 2000 followers limit and can’t follow anyone else. Huh? I guess I will have to wait till the people following me gets higher.

Today also when I got home I colored with Eva. It has been so long since I’ve used a crayon and drawn anything. She has some Disney stickers and I drew Donald Duck and a partial Mickey Mouse before she got bored with it. They aren’t even half bad. When I walked in the house from work Eva pointed to the Pop Photography magazine in my hand and said “camera” I didn’t realize that I had the magazine in my hand so I went off to get my Canon SD 800is camera. I don’t mind her using that one, it is rugged. I also got the little camera that Dina from Market Leverage got for her. I let Eva put the button and showed her how to hold the camera. That didn’t go so well.

I thought I’d be cute and let Eva take my camera and I’d take hers for the Photo-A-Day but that didn’t work either because I accidentally erased the pictures and I wasn’t able to get them off the camera. I will try again some other day. Eva was much more successful however and she took a ton of photos, mostly because she just kept pushing the button. I uploaded the photos to Flickr and you can check them out. I tagged them EvaBooShoots.

Later after I read Eva 5 books before bed I called a blogger who goes by the name Bad Evan. The other day he DM’d (Private Twitter) me his phone number and then tweeted that he should now change it. We bantered a bit and that was the end of things. Then some other bloggers got involved and we playfully bantered some more. Well tonight I gave Bad Evan a call. He’s a wicked nice guy. We had a few awkward minutes of conversation then we fell into a groove and talked for a good 15 minutes or so. He’s got some amazing project that he is working on and I am looking forward to seeing that as well as seeing him blog again soon. So if you DM me your Phone # I might just call you.

Speaking of blogging, I was interviewed by Laurie Burkitt from Forbes magazine for an article that I personally think was biased and terrible. She (Laurie) got the blog url of this blog wrong despite my sending her 8 links to posts on this blog and also having my blog url in the signature of my e-mail (we exchanged a few, follow up questions) . She also misquoted me stating “I make $6,000 more every year for my family.” That is incorrect. Since starting blogging with IZEA and their many properties, PayPerPost, PayPerPost v4.0, Sponsored Tweets and SocialSpark I have made about $6,000 in total through PayPerPost alone, that is over the course of 3 years. With SocialSpark I have made nearly $500 and PPP V4.0 $35.00 Sponsored Tweets $3.50. I’m not retiring anytime soon but the money certainly has helped my family in many ways. Seeing my blog url incorrect and being misquoted makes me seriously doubt the integrity of the piece overall. What other facts are missing and skewed.

Digital Days Boston Recap

Photo by agh_1890.

Last weekend I attended Digital Days with the winner of BenSpark’s Digital Day’s Photo Contest for Boston. The winner was Andy, his dog writes the blog Stephen The Dog, and he had a really good time at the photography workshop, Digital Days. Here is what he had to say about the weekend:

Thanks for the opportunity to attend Digital Days. I was very impressed by both the content and the instructors. It is not often you get to spend 2 full days thinking about photography surrounded by other like minded individuals. I definitely picked up a ton of great information. Such as when shooting in low light you need to remove the UV filter from you lens. Who would have thought you have to worry about light reflecting off your sensor to the filter and back to the senor again. Yikes, it does create some interesting effect though.

The model shoot is definitely an experience not to be missed. Seldom do you get a change to shoot at multiple models over the course of an hour with an instructor commenting on your technique. Now I just need to sort thought the 6GB of photos I have. I wonder if they have a digital deleting days?

I highly recommend digital days for the novice-intermediate DSLR user.

Here are some of Andy’s shots from the Model Shoot.

water_317 water_319
water_318 water_317

This weekend is the San Francisco Digital Days workshop and I look forward to hearing what Katrina Kennedy, winner of BenSpark’s Digital Days Photo Contest for San Francisco, thinks of the photography seminar.