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Giveaway – Go Anywhere Booster Seat

Go Anywhere Booster Seat I recently received a Go Anywhere Booster Seat from A Parent Company. This booster seat is perfect for on the go parents who take their child out to restaurants and other places where the child sits in a seat and not a high chair. Eva is too old for a booster seat but when she was younger we took a pretty good sized Fisher Price one with us everywhere we went. Between the one we own and the one I was given there is no comparison. The Go Anywhere Booster Seat is much better to bring with us and it is very inconspicuous too. It is lighter, nicer looking and quick and easy to set up. Continue reading Giveaway – Go Anywhere Booster Seat

Shogun Hibachi Fun!

Shogun Hibachi
Photo-A-Day #2082

Tonight Allison, Eva and I went to Shogun Hibachi for dinner. It was not planned that we would go there but yesterday was just one of those days. I drove home in the snow, slowly, very slowly. I stopped and picked up a raffle prize that we won from the North Attleboro Winter Farmer’s Market (Movie passes and Kettle Corn, Yum!) Then I stopped to get gas. My fuel door would not open. For about 20 minutes I tried everything I could to open it. Frustrated I went home.

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