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Happy 4th Birthday EvaBoo

Photo-A-Day #2376

Eva turned four today, at 12:04pm. She knows this because when she woke up this morning she told Allison that she was still 3 and wanted to know when she would be four. When I came home and picked her up to take her out for birthday breakfast she told the waitress that today was her birthday and she would be four, she wasn’t four quite yet though. And later when she went with her Aunties (Tara and Shelby) to the zoo she asked if she was four yet. The kid cracks me up. Continue reading Happy 4th Birthday EvaBoo

Eva’s Colorful Sock Monkey 4th Birthday Party

Photo-A-Day #2374

I don’t know who was more excited about today, Me, Allison or Eva. Today was Eva’s fourth birthday party. We had her party at The Artful Phoenix in downtown North Attleboro. the Artful Phoenix is a artisans collaborative that showcases local artists and their works. They have a wonderful children’s room there and Eva loves going there whenever Allison goes to the Credit Union. Going to the Artful Phoenix was Eva’s idea. They have something called the hassle free birthday. They take care of the drinks, pizza, cupcakes and activity for the kids. The activity we chose was making Princess Sock Monkeys. Continue reading Eva’s Colorful Sock Monkey 4th Birthday Party