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Ted Murphy on Cybertron

Ted Murphy Visits Cybertron

Looks like Ted Murphy is everywhere, well at least his head is. Ted is compiling a gallery of himself with his readers, since he cannot be in all places at once he created the printable Ted Murphy head. I’d have taken a photo of Ted’s head with me but why, I’ve met the guy and we have actual pictures together. Like this one.

Ted Murphy Gave Me Pink Eye!

Rapping East-IZEA Bunny

Rapping East-IZEA Bunny
Photo-A-Day #1464

Ted Murphy has put his face up on his blog for the whole world to see, as well as print out. What you do with the print outs, well that is up to you I guess. Ted Murphy’s head made a guest appearance in our house for an impromptu rap. He must be gunning for the Easter Beagle job. (Eva and I watched the Easter Beagle today).