Palm of her hand

Palm of her hand
Photo-A-Day #1425

As opposed to being wrapped around her finger. The car is in her hand but me, yeah I am most assuredly wrapped around her finger. What can I say I’m a big mush when it comes to that kid.

Long day, the big project at work is coming along. So many things to think about and people to coordinate. I like it but at the same time I feel stifled because of all the approvals that have to take place and the things that should be done immediately because they can be are taking a long time and the things that require real effort are happening quick. It is weird, exciting and fun all at the same time. Although today I had to send an e-mail to every single person in the company from the top on down. I had a feeling of nausea when I pushed send. I’m not even going to look at my e-mail from work until tomorrow. It is best that way.


Yes IZEAFest 2009 is at SeaWorld the home of the Dolphin Bubbles blog. Also a great place for families to go. The hotel for the event has been announced and the rate is $99 a night, that is awesome. I booked a room at the Renaissance SeaWorld for Allison and I and Eva and then used my points to book a room for Auntie Mo. I was going to try and book both rooms with points but didn’t have enough points. So I thought about buying points. Buying points would have cost more than just renting the room. So crazy. But it is worth it for Mo to have time with Eva and also for our piece of mind, we know Eva is with someone we trust. Also we know how much Eva loves Mo and how much Mo loves Eva.

In the House of Mouse

I also booked a Character Breakfast at The Magic Kingdom in the Crystal Palace. It is a Winnie the Pooh Themed Character Breakfast. We are doing that May 15th. It should be a great time.

8 thoughts on “Palm of her hand”

  1. Lenny,

    Glad it looks good, I was worried that it wouldn’t on the G1 since I don’t have one and cannot see. The weird thing is that I had to approve your comments? Strange. I have to check my settings.

  2. Well, we just returned from Disney after spending 2 wonderful weeks there. Great time! Main Street Disney – love the shot you have made! I miss it already and can’t wait to go back.

  3. Barry,
    Glad you had a great time and liked my photo, my dream is to be a Staff Photographer for Disney World. I want to retire and do that.

  4. Awww….it seems like Auntie Mo is making out like a bandit on this trip!! Between the QT with Eva and you guys and the hotel at Sea World…seriously…I feel bad you used points on me!! We’ll discuss this…I won’t start a fight on the blog:) That would be so unlike me!!

    You guys will have a great time at the character b-fast in May!! I’d say take lots of pictures…but I don’t think that would ever be an issue:)

    Mos last blog post..Sunshine…lollipops…and a Big Box of Awesome!

  5. Mo,
    It is okay that you are making out like a bandit, although we see it like we are the ones making out like bandits. Points made more sense that is all.

    Aren’t fights reserved for say,… your blog.

    I’m looking forward to our may trip for certain. Allison and I did the character breakfast together on one of our previous Disney trips. It was fun.

  6. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

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