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My Thoughts on Luke Cage on Netflix #StreamTeam

Playmobil, Funko LEGO Dimensions
Photo-A-Day #4190

I am a Netflix #StreamTeam and as such receive compensation from Netflix. I feel that I must disclose this when I talk about Netflix shows and what I think about them. Opinions are 100% my own.

This isn’t even a particular #StreamTeam post that I have to do as part of the team, I just really enjoyed Marvel’s Luke Cage. Luke Cage is the latest in the various Marvel shows on Netflix. Each show is 13 episodes packed with so much action, drama and Marvel Easter Eggs.

Luke Cage came out on September 30th with all 13 episodes. I dove right in and binged all of season 1. I have been reading many Marvel titles on the Marvel Unlimited app. Reading though all the Marvel Civil War and then New Avengers and so many other titles I’ve gotten to know the story of Luke Cage and the character from the comic books. This show was so well done and I couldn’t put all of my thoughts into that one minute vlog. I cannot believe that I said Donald Faison when I meant Frankie Faison. I thought that one of the breakout stars of the show was Simone Missick as Misty Knight. She had such character. I just loved her scenes. There was s much to enjoy about this series. Mike Colter made an excellent Luke Cage. He just got that character down. I loved the Easter eggs like the Tiara and the yellow blouse. That was great! Now I have to wait to see the next series which would be Iron Fist and then The Defenders unless there is another Daredevil or Jessica Jones before that.

There are plenty of action scenes in this show but it is the moments where the characters speak to each other that are the most compelling. The relationship between Luke Cage and Misty Knight has depth and complexity. They play off each other very well. Later another character shows up and she and Luke come together in a different way. Their relationship is also complex but through it we learn even more. I need to watch the last 10 minutes of episode 13 again because of all the little things that are teased for the future. I cannot wait for it, I think I’ll have to watch all the shows again, this time with Allison. Here’s what I said in my vlog today.

I also teased a few things that I’ll be featuring on the vlog this coming week.

My LEGO Dimensions Obsession Continues

My LEGO Dimensions Collection
Photo-A-Day #4172

My LEGO Dimensions Collection continues to grow. I went out and picked up all of the first year sets. The last two are sitting at Walmart awaiting my pick up. I have yet to open so many of them, I’m doing a one at a time to stretch things out and also let Andrew go and build them. He loves building them. We’ll probably build a bunch tomorrow because the little guy is sick.

Andrew had been pretty tired yesterday when we went to Karate class. He fell asleep on the way over. Today he was a little out of it when we went to to lunch with my Dad. Andrew wouldn’t talk to him, then he laid down on the bench and said that he was cold. He refused to eat. I chalked it up to being tired. He fell asleep a second after we left Bliss where we had lunch with my father. Then he slept for an hour and a half after that. He didn’t eat dinner either and so we checked him out and he had a fever. No school for him tomorrow.

I also received my Kickstarter rewards from the most recent Modarri campaign. I opted for the DELUX S2 MUSCLE SET which has a wicked fastback Muscle car in green. I’m also part of the Quarter Car Club, which is a way to get a quarter of a car each month. It is a special Kickstarter car. I like funding these guys because their product is solid.

I am also going to unbox some Funko Pops for Arrow and Flash soon. Arrow, Flash and Black Canary. I love those shows. Can’t wait till they return.

And speaking of LEGO Dimensions, you know from the first paragraph, I have pre-ordered some sets like the A-Team Fun Pack and the Harry Potter Team Pack, but I also ordered the E.T. Fun Pack. E.T. is featured in the latest, Meet That Hero! video. Supergirl, who is an exclusive to the Sony Playstation 4 Starter Pack. I’d really like to get that figure. I’d also like to get my hands on the E3 exclusive Green Arrow figure. That figure is voiced by Chris Hardwick! How cool is that. Anyway, here is the video for E.T. in LEGO Dimensions.