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LEGO Dimensions – The Goonies, LEGO City Undercover, Hermione Granger

Sloth from LEGO Dimensions
Photo-A-Day #4410

We received three LEGO Dimensions packs today from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own. The packs we received were: The Goonies Level Pack, The LEGO City Undercover Fun Pack and the Harry Potter Themed Hermione Granger Fun Pack.

From a purely LEGO build standpoint these are some great minifigs and micro build sets. I was especially impressed with how One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship was assembled. It even has mini cannons! The Sloth minifig looks great down to the funky teeth and special headpiece and signature Superman t-shirt. The Buckbeak build was a fun one to do and he looks regal in his pose. You know how hippogriffs can be. I’m excited to play in the adventure world for LEGO City Undercover. I loved that game in and of itself and so glad that it was added to LEGO Dimensions. I made a video showing all of the sets and talked about how they were built. I do not have any gameplay at this time but below my video is the press release that introduces these sets plus a special “Meet That Hero!” video that introduces everyone to the Goonies.

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My LEGO Dimensions Obsession Continues

My LEGO Dimensions Collection
Photo-A-Day #4172

My LEGO Dimensions Collection continues to grow. I went out and picked up all of the first year sets. The last two are sitting at Walmart awaiting my pick up. I have yet to open so many of them, I’m doing a one at a time to stretch things out and also let Andrew go and build them. He loves building them. We’ll probably build a bunch tomorrow because the little guy is sick.

Andrew had been pretty tired yesterday when we went to Karate class. He fell asleep on the way over. Today he was a little out of it when we went to to lunch with my Dad. Andrew wouldn’t talk to him, then he laid down on the bench and said that he was cold. He refused to eat. I chalked it up to being tired. He fell asleep a second after we left Bliss where we had lunch with my father. Then he slept for an hour and a half after that. He didn’t eat dinner either and so we checked him out and he had a fever. No school for him tomorrow.

I also received my Kickstarter rewards from the most recent Modarri campaign. I opted for the DELUX S2 MUSCLE SET which has a wicked fastback Muscle car in green. I’m also part of the Quarter Car Club, which is a way to get a quarter of a car each month. It is a special Kickstarter car. I like funding these guys because their product is solid.

I am also going to unbox some Funko Pops for Arrow and Flash soon. Arrow, Flash and Black Canary. I love those shows. Can’t wait till they return.

And speaking of LEGO Dimensions, you know from the first paragraph, I have pre-ordered some sets like the A-Team Fun Pack and the Harry Potter Team Pack, but I also ordered the E.T. Fun Pack. E.T. is featured in the latest, Meet That Hero! video. Supergirl, who is an exclusive to the Sony Playstation 4 Starter Pack. I’d really like to get that figure. I’d also like to get my hands on the E3 exclusive Green Arrow figure. That figure is voiced by Chris Hardwick! How cool is that. Anyway, here is the video for E.T. in LEGO Dimensions.