I Love My Wife

Post CakePlow

My wife of 3 years, Allison is a great woman. She has to be to put up with my antics! πŸ™‚

But seriously, Allison is a wonderful friend, wife and mother. We love many of the same TV shows, activities, musicians and events. She even went with me to IZEAFest 2008 and saw my crazy antics in action. Many nights we sit and watch our favorite TV and share our thoughts on the shows. It is really fun when we watch LOST each week and we share a large bowl of popcorn. It is a special treat for us.

Allison is a very caring person who puts others before herself. She is much better at being empathetic than I can ever be. Each week she volunteers at our local nursing home and she knits special blankets for those who are sick, she is also a Chemo Angel, but she’d never go and tell anyone about this. She doesn’t seek the glory, the thanks or anything for herself. But I like to occasionally brag about her talents. She is one of those unsung heroes in life who really commits to helping others.

Allison and I also enjoy many of the same activities as I said, we kayak together, shoot photos together, and love spending time at the beach with Eva. We are both Parrot Heads and have attended so many Buffett concerts together. It is great being able to share great experiences with such a wonderful friend.

Photo-A-Day #883 09/08/07

As a mom Allison is wonderful because she is spending so much time with Eva. She takes her everywhere to get Eva socialized to many different experiences. She insisted that we started Eva swimming early and that has made a huge difference, Eva is a total waterbug. Allison is also in a Mom’s group and through that both she and Eva have made some wonderful friends. Always thinking of ways to enrich Eva’s life is one of those wonderful things I love about Allison.


So to recap, Allison is awesome because she is caring, giving, nurturing, fun and the most beautiful woman in the world. I love and appreciate that she is the last person I see each night and the first person I see each morning.

This post was twofold, 1 I don’t say how much I love Allison on this blog. And two I hope that I can give Allison a wonderful bouquet of flowers from Proflowers this Valentines Day. That would be thanks to The Dad Blogs Flower Give Away.

Heck, even if I don’t win I might still get her a little something nice. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “I Love My Wife”

  1. I was going to give you a hard time about blogging about me just for a contest, but that was too sweet. I love you too hon.

  2. Allison,

    You know me and contests hon. I just love to win you nice things. But it gave me moment to pause and say some things about how much I love you so it was win-win. πŸ™‚

  3. My first thought was “Drewbie, what did you DO???” Haha! Regardless of the contest aspect, that was one of the most lovely, endearing posts you’ve ever written! You and Allison are one of my favorite couples ever:) Nice job:)

  4. Mo,
    You know me too well if that was your go to reaction. LOL. Nope, straight from the heart and with a little luck to throw in as well.

  5. Great post, y’all seem like quite a pair of hams. I mean, who can’t appreciate a dude with cake on his face?!? Congrats on winning the dad-blogs contest, very much deserved.

  6. Hey Freddy,
    Thanks very much for the congrats. Allison is going to be getting some very special deliveries this Valentines day. She deserves it for putting up with me.

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